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Roadblocks blocked the social and make impact will it have as we put the boundary in one place rather than other places how many people are we putting out of work and so there is a lot of social political and economic factors that go into these axis boundaries that really are beyond our concern in fact the thousand Weyerhaeuser logging jobs in the money for rural schools they generated were at stake if the eruption hadn't been on a Sunday many of those loggers might have been hurt or killed the eruption also led to a lawsuit which included claims John Sandifer asked former governor dixy Lee ray about point blank did you cut a deal with George Weyerhaeuser to leave that open I could get very angry if somebody says that to me no I never cut a deal with anybody for anything like that at all and so far as the Weyerhaeuser timber company is concerned I didn't even speak about it Mr Houser or any official from his company before the boundaries were set but I'm not stupid I knew people were working in there I knew that they had their their jobs were at stake and the logging industry and the whole wood products industry has been in a in a depressed area condition for a long time there's another interview with governor dixy Lee ray as it pertains to George Weyerhaeuser in which she says I know him personally I see him often and when the model is about to erupt I saw him more than that and we talked about the problem now what do you suppose that ma'am Weyerhaeuser eventually settled the suit and maintained it wasn't responsible for any of the deaths man the state wasn't held responsible because the judge dismissed it as a defendant Dr Seth Moran scientist in charge at the USGS cascades volcano observatory tells me science comes with a lot of uncertainties but that they need to speak with one voice there's oftentimes not an absolute answer and it's important for us to be able to communicate that to people for people to understand that there is some wiggle room and possible outcomes that's difficult for people to deal with I understand that I'd certainly experiencing that right now that does not not entirely certain how I should be acting but I'm not about and that's just because of them perfect understanding of the current situation but ultimately Moran says the role of science is to minimize the uncertainties as much as possible Ryan Harris komo.

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