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Yeah it's so hang on let me try some of this hang on hang on because here comes a dumb joke he fell the natural spring by chopping into a mountain you know what tastes like christie brinkley home gym joke all right your sweat off the back of that weird machine the home jim this is the final clip that will show today before we do special phone call and this sport and you it definitely is a sport is called in you it the innu it your poll championships are all in you it people these are grown people who should know better and they're still doing put for those listen home they put a ban it looks like string or rubber mastering from a package that was sent to you by someone who went and bought it and had it gift wrapped they wrap it around opposite ears and then they lean their heads backward to see who has a stronger year loeb it's the in you it years jim should be a mean that just says don't call us eskimos by the way okay i've been married for i don't know thirteen fourteen years i've never been this intimate with my wife what's going on right now is a level of intimacy couple's counseling this is what i wanted to twenty fifth anniversary here's the best thing shaking hands seems like such a step back alfred scott every single person what is she thinking about how she's never going to marry.

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