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Series? This is. I guess we should settle in a little bit on the Bra because that's kind of become your thing. I had to hit. A body brought us. Try to hit them up. It'd be like damn man where you coming home like that man. You know what I'm saying. He said all those nice things about him after he crush me and I started following on twitter, assuming he'd see what a big Fan I was. See that my tweets from nine a tweet to you nine years ago when you were I'm sure just a visceral stringer bell that I found that I said I thought Brodie was the best character, and I assumed he d like Yo man. All love is giving you a hard time with Lebron. Appreciate Nope, no DM and continues to this moment to respond to folks who tweet about me laughing at me like. This just brutal. Racist. He's passionate on the matter, right. He? He is very serious about this. But the Jordan dot was interesting time to be you of this because I guess I don't have a great head low where you are a Mike because I, am on the Mike is the greatest program like I. Don't think the idea of broad is a great is is totally ridiculous, but this Jordan was just something that we just don't have a substitute for so where where are you on? Mike himself so I think it's a great question. And I think, and this is one of the things that I. do think differentiates the folks that are on the Lebron side of the argument and some of the folks I'm not talking about you, but some of the folks on the Jordan side of the argument folks such as myself. Who Think Lebron's greatest player ever. All of us say listen. You can make a case for Lebron, but the case for Jordan is not a bad one, and I would argue there's a third person who should always be mentioned in Kareem, and I think that as long as those are your top three. You can make a case for any of them, and it makes sense. I think Lebron's a little bit better and I think he's done it in a tougher era and I think he's obviously for a longer period of time. What was so fascinating during the Jordan doc was how many of the Jordan folks were using it as an attempt. Attempt to bring up, Lebron. Not the other way around and one of the big distinctions is there are a lot of Jordan. Folks that are still on the is Lebron actually even top five. In fact when you think about it. He's behind Kobe. In fact when you really think about it. I'm not sure if he's top ten. Nobody does that to Mike now. One good argue you don't do it to Mike. Because you can't I would argue you don't do it to Mike because you can't do it to Lebron, but it's a very different a some of the Jordan folks. Folks are offended that it's a discussion and another thing your network did that I thought was really interesting. was that poll the when it was seventy? Six percent of the public, says Michael Jordan's the greatest player ever, and we talked about it on my television show, and it was phrased to me is like that I should be wounded by it and I said. I'm be honest with you I. Look at that is a massive success for me. Personally because I believe that when I said Lebron's greatest player ever, which was June of two thousand sixteen after game seven against the warriors. Warriors I think that was a two percent opinion. I think the furthest anyone was going out on. The Ledge was Lebron. Maybe one day will be and the fact that now one in four basketball fans are like no, it's not Jordan. I feel like we're facing the way marijuana legalization paste. It was like five percent support, then all of a sudden thirty five percent support, and before you know it once they win this title and the next one. It'll be like sixty five percent. Yeah, he's a go a little bit log. It'd be like if you will the Braga married. Okay got it is. Not. Played. I saw the twinkle in your eyes. Get my finger coming for me. Graduate Progress by gradual progress absolutely. Well done. I think also this is where this gets interesting. Because you and I are about five years apart in age, I'm five years old and they'll. Five years matter a lot in the course of this discussion, because it affects the way that you consume my jaw right so like I don't remember a world without. Michael Jordan but I do remember world before Michael Jordan the champion like I remember world before everything by around. Around Mike was bill you born into the world, at least in terms of like having awareness and an old enough to like really grasp was going on I. Mea Finals! I vividly remember our Bulls Lakers like the Super Bowl. I vividly remembers the I called the art monk Super Bowl Washington buffalo like that that that very very early nineties the times. I, so you're right I have no recollection of Jordan getting beat. beat by the Pistons because I was too young to be out. I guess forming memories. Yeah, he's the establishment to you. You know he is that which you have inherited in a small way that kind of applies to me also, but like we'll abroad I remember like around nine zero nine in there I was all the Lebron's the best player I've ever seen, and I had very technical arguments that could back it. It, up I, was like name. What is it that Jordan does better than Lebron right like and I could go through and I could get this long list of everything. It was Lebron. Does Jordan taste to a place that makes me somewhat uncomfortable. Which is that I? Don't get too deep into touchy feelies in making analysis, but there is something to this i. Am a sociopathic killer thing that has real benefits. A NBA player it helps, it goes places and he weaponize. Is that in a way that? At the margins it winds up mattering I. Feel is the best way to put it. I, agree with that I. also agree that Jordan has the best story like this is why it was good that Phil walked away and didn't come back because I. Don't believe the Bulls in ninety nine. We're going to win a title now. I do think they could have gotten. There minded. Damn Nick Scott there as an eight seed. So you assume the Bulls make the playoffs Knicks. Missed the playoffs though I think they could have. Have Gotten there I. Don't think they would've had an answer for Dunkin Robinson. PIP wouldn't have been there. Rodman wasn't the same guy so even on the strength of Jordan alone they get there, but and I would have found that listen. I'm of the belief that winning as much as you can win. It always helps you know some people are of the belief. If you'RE GONNA, lose the worst thing you can do is lose in the championship round as.

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