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This episode of spotless lists is brought to you by bourbon time so we've talked a lot about this on our shows but the loss of our commutes between in homeless passengers transformed kind of how we divide our days between being at work and we laughing at home. It's easy to feel burnt out. You know without a change of scenery as you move from work to home that used to be my time to recharge and wind down after a long day working on a sad just driving back and forth between appointments all day long so my friends. At maker's mark have solution for the exhaustion where all feeling beat the burn out and take back the hour of six to seven. Pm as your meat time right where you do. Whatever it is that makes you feel refreshed. Flag me. I like to make myself a little maker's mark cocktail it's yummy and smooth super creamy and silky. And that's what i do to treat myself and make a little time for me. You know a lot of the times. We can't switch off our brains on our own but a nice reminder. Is that little area that six to seven pm or you can just take that time for yourself. Poor little drink and relax and have that for yourself and treat yourself just to unwind and for me. It's maker's mark so this year we're kicking burnt out to the curb. Join me and reclaiming six to seven. Pm as the happiest hour so you can do whatever it is that makes you happy and if that involves the glass of bourbon remember to drink maker's mark responsibly maker's mark kentucky straight bourbon. Whiskey forty five percent alcohol by volume copyright twenty twenty one maker's mark distillery inc loretto kentucky. All right back to the show. Rob you're going to have to get these guys Maybe you can send some. Dvd's if all your work so we can All celebrate you even more and you're settle for a t shirt from soccer team. I mean let's get your hat. You can wear out on the course or out to to hide your face. I'm gonna get you some links to some stuff wills already weld. He doesn't mean sausage links. Yes got links to some some episodes of various things by the way. How good would that go down right now. Sausage link from wrexham. I will say that. Jason jason has seen something that i've done okay and that was because we were out on the we were we were. We were hanging out one time. And i said to him and this again i don't maybe i'm starting this by blowing smoke jason's ass but i am ready at the risk of sounding. Yes is is is on shard from the valley up and ready right now go ahead. I will say that. There's a generation of comedic actors or at least a acting style that is very modeled after a bateman kind of look on life. That stated I i would defer say it's modeled after your your co owner ryan reynolds. He would say the same about you and he did say the same about which is interesting. But i but i do notice. Sometimes myself if. I'm watching myself in the editing room. I'm like oh. I'm trying to do what jason bateman does. But i'm not doing it as well. And then and then so. I told jason about this and he was like oh. That sounds good. I'd like to see that. So i i. I clicked out some of it and i sent it to them and i said this is basically trying to do. I only recognized this. In retrospect and he wrote back things you know about his about your performance like this. He said this doesn't seem like me because of course it wouldn't him but he said it is really funny now but yet still very funny and by the way watch. Watch that right away. He watched that one real quick time. The clip was thirty. Five seconds long and the response was thirty. eight seconds. of course was that sounds. That sounds nevertheless. I was i was. I was legitimately flying against again at the risk of ruining your show with with sincerity. You're damn funny you can tell you can tell. Just playing golf with the fella. You guys are all from an older generation of course you. I grew up watching you. All your be your big influences on us now. What what where. Where are you in your incredibly busy year. You're you're arresting slightly. You're after The host press erica brag. Is the character you plan on. the The amazon mystic. You're about to start directing Never cloudy in jersey. Is it on the. We're getting there how you're you're resting right now right Well we start writing sunny week after next season. Fifteen but we We did we are in the middle of releasing Into right now which you know you guys are going to bring up so i will one hundred percent on rotten tomatoes. Thank you thank. You saw that modified fresh incredible one hundred percent. Yup yes which You know. I if the reviews are bad. Of course we don't. We don't speak of zito mentioned on that if they're good then there these are the smartest And the second season about to come out this murder. We're in the middle of releasing the second season. Great is the second hearing anybody. I love the question. The second season's coming out okay. So that was another one. I don't need the fucking confusion. He has resting confusion face looking at his anger but it's really swirling brow. The episode is of the season is going to be airing Well this week. That doesn't make any sense. Yes we are. We are in the middle of You've you've you've directed a bunch of those and you did not but you'd like two or three in the first season and a couple of this season is that right. That's right you like you like that part of it. Would you like the directing more than the acting i love. I love the putting the pieces together if something difficult and it's just it's just a new challenge. I mean don't get me wrong. I love showing up and saying and just saying words while cameras pointed at me and then just wrapping and going home and taking none of it home with you. Yes that's fun. That's very fun. But i also do. I just love the whole film. Making process i i love. I love being asked a million questions a day. I think that's really going to be involved in any of the Creative decisions on the on the dock for the For the soccer team no so. I actively decided against that. I wanted to make sure. Because i also just felt like it would be unfair to the documentary. Joint seem seeming massive. Atari honestly that i. I wanted to somewhat objective. I want the doctor documentary to be objective. So we hired the documentarian that made chefs table. They made cheer they made last chance. You oh that i love yeah and basically said good luck show me. Show me a cut. If there's something like egregious where. I truly look douchebag. I will be honest. It'll be hard for me. Not to at least give them a without be compelling television however i wanna i wanna stay objective documentary subjective. So i'm going to stay out of it as much as.

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