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Immediately into the top Tom Cruise top 5. Normally. Immediately at the time. What did Susie and I tell you, the day after we saw it in advance of ham being here? Oh, you were out. I was out. What did we tell you? Everyone I've talked to have seen it said it's awesome. Anybody who saw the original Top Gun. You could turn this down. Anybody who saw the original Top Gun knows what you want out of the sequel, certainly since you haven't seen Top Gun maybe in a theater since 1986, right? So what you want to see and they give it to you in the first 90 seconds, which is Kenny Loggins, the heat coming off of the tarmac Tom Cruise on a motorcycle. Where you go right into the danger zone. I think we're going to go tomorrow. I will say this though. Because Sue's took the two boys are two boys to see Top Gun: Maverick on. Again. Sunday. Oh, amazing. She saw the second time. And she says it's just as good. She took the two boys are 13 and 11 to see Top Gun: Maverick. So the day before, we showed them Top Gun. Original. All right. I watched it with them. I watched the original with them, and Suzy saw the sequel for second time. The Tom Cruise Kelly McGillis moments a little dicey, okay? Little dicing. He shows up. He shows up way, wait. I mean, he couldn't text ahead, obviously. And then immediately wants to take a shower at her house after you've pretty much waiting. It's very weird. It's a little dicey for the kids. But I just found it amazing that on Friday of Memorial Day weekend, they'd seen none of the Top Gun movies. And by Sunday Night, they'd seen both. For four hours of talking. It just did it. And they loved it. Oh, they did. They did. Oh, good. They loved it. There you go. You know? Immediately. They'd never heard of goose or iceman. On Friday. Literally never heard of him on Friday and by Sunday Night they're now, they're now pals. They're each other's wingman. We just do they are. What are your top 5 Tom Cruise movies? I would have to say risky business. Is one, the original Mission Impossible, the first is incredible. Dynamite. Rain man has to be on that list. This Top Gun: Maverick is on the list. I put Top Gun: Maverick on the list before Top Gun. Oh, wow. How about that? Do you go again though? I'm like, I felt like I was back in my high school prom days. You know, I got me actually nervous. And in the 5th spot, you go a few good men or does he call it men or on the shoot of men? How do you not put a few good men on there? Cocktail? I don't know. But the only reason why I put it on there is because I'm head over heels of anything to do with Elizabeth shoe. That's true. You can't put cocktail over a few good men. No, of course not. That would be my 5. I like it. That'd be my 5. All right, that's overreaction Tuesday. Well done, sir. All right, we'll take a break right here on the rich eisen show. We come back. We talk some hoops with Tom tolbert. Let's talk about the warriors here. Radio analysts for the Golden State Warriors, my warriors. Tom tober when.

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