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Thanks a lot matt i appreciate it all right man thanks for having me talk too soon right thanks david weiss for the fascinating conversation so much information to get you thinking whether you believe it or not i like having guests like david on because he believes it and makes for great story and a great interview on a great guest like david said it's more questioning everything for yourself and not just believing everything that you're told to check on his podcast the flatter of society and chick his youtube channel d i t r h down in the rabbit hole deepen the rabbit hole for more information on all that we talked to and also it up chris jericho cruise dot com all the information on chris jericho's rock and wrestling raider at c setting sale october twenty seven for as low as one hundred and fifty bucks you can reserve your cabin and you will be a part of history the first rock and wrestling razor ever going from miami to the bahamas and everybody is going to be there i mean come on live podcast stand up comedy meetandgreet concerts the to see kenny omega and the ring all of that is all cluded with your purchase of a cabin and also you'll be able to hang out in the ship with everybody we're going to get to those gifts pretty soon remember if you by april fourteenth you'll have a chance to be raw of ozzy rhody for a day or sit front row at a ring of honor see of honor match with me chris jericho or have dinner with some ring of honor superstars all of that if you book your cabin before april fourteenth you'll be eligible to win one of those great perks and you'll also get a chance to hang on jim ross jerry the king lawler so cal val mick foley noel foley ricky the dragon steamboat ramos stereo cyrus and fold as me from killing the town going disco in front of shane house keeping it one hundred the on the darkness will be there co cabana mardi de rosa doing their unprofessional wrestling show hilarious brad williams run funches busted open rate is going to be there corey taylor from slipknot and stone sour fosse's it'd be playing filc amel.

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