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Our last the shot the fourth start of the meat for russ too from carlisle and minute massacre started opening week and came running late and actually ran very well. I'm very pleased <hes> dylan davis going to jump aboard board saw dylan on sunday and he's excited and excited to have him as an has written frazzled salaam them a little bit actually so we'll be over late today for the steak and of course the with a patient mile and a sixteenth on the inner and tuggle for bill parcells from the rail five to to <hes> and <hes> george george weaver as we mentioned yesterday with the andy our country cross entered the assumption is that george is gonna run here. Although the money eighty two hundred fifty thousand a year and a half a million dollars at kentucky downs on on saturday. I'll i'll check with george so those are the the two principals pletcher sure with eagerly and that jack the ripper that i mentioned <hes> is is entered an era as well and so we'll see what what stadium's doing on that front so this thing could potentially you could have a worser to come outta here with some of the cross entries field pass on the outside to for mike maker acre and then tomorrow in that p._g. Johnson sweet melania <hes> for todd pletcher jose jose ortiz outside and for sally the unlucky kimmel trainy. I've taken down just ridiculously in that bake win. The other half gotta say at six to one that appier rate for pletcher is very competitive with this group six to one what fourth joyce fourth joyce sweet malaysia nine.

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