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Good evening i was doing a event like this one in silicon valley two weeks ago in menlo park at a an old bookstore called kepler's books which has been around since i think the late fifties and actually predates the concept even silicon valley and one of the questions that i got from someone in the audience was where which part of the country is your book selling you know the best in and i'd actually as it happened i had looked at this future that amazon dot com has that you can access at that morning and had been surprised to see that bad blood was the bestselling nonfiction book in washington dc and so i told this to this silicon valley audience and i also told him that i was surprised because i expected you know either palo alto or menlo park or san francisco to show up as as the region where it sold the most but it was washington and i guess i've thought about that a little bit and i it didn't really make sense but come to think of it i think well first of all you know washington is is a place of big egos and power and intrigue and i think that there are no story has all of those ingredients but also for those of you who have read the book or who will discover it in coming days and weeks there there was a washington dimension to this elizabeth was trying to elizabeth lome's at one point was trying to get her device this blood testing device the lasted ration of it of which was actually called the mini lab the edison was the second last it rations technology shoes trying to get the army to use it in the battlefield in afghanistan and she had networked with jim mattis was our our secretary of defense and another the part of the fairness stories that she really exploited a loophole in the laboratory industry and was able to dodge close scrutiny by both the fda which regulates diagnostic equipment that labs by and used to do their testing.

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