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He learned of how to the human trafficking world works kind of a public service announcement if you will and his apparent teenagers himself he said he desperately wanted to share this message but leonard as you can imagine and this was one of the few weeks of him getting out of jail for something that he clearly maintains on the podcast as well he is innocent of he does express frustration early on in the podcast of the justice system so hope he can really try and have empathy for him remember empathy as i said another podcast is it's jumping down in that pit with somebody it's not just sympathy of stinks that happened but it's jumping down in that pit and really kind of taking a look at things from where that person's at so if you can you know think in terms of empathy for leonard that that you know he is saying this is something that he was in there for that that he maintains his innocence you can maybe understand a little bit of frustration that shares but he didn't he quickly it's through that and then we kind of get to the meat of the topic which is this concept of leonard has a pretty incredible story of how he learned about how this human trafficking industry works so for many who've never experienced anything negative with the justice system i'm sure there's there's a definitely an assumption of the person absolutely must be guilty or they would have been arrested or they wouldn't have stayed in jail long they would've taken a plea bargain to get out etc etc but for those who possibly been through the system or maybe had their own challenges or struggles there they may have a different view and so and honestly i hope to have a lot of those discussions down the road on the virtual couch so so here's my interview with leonard it again involves some of his insights on what he learned about how the human trafficking or sex trafficking world works and more importantly the things that we can do to protect the kids in.

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