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Hilarious when you think about it in an mba context ziya williams his face when he tells about playing in new york. That's the lights. Come on right right but boston that you know what i mean like. Nobody talks about it in that way. It is not fair philadelphia in a great sell. Ain't had not come in from the outside either. But when you start talking about the particulars in boston and of course it came up with the kyri situation this week. It is a different level of defensiveness about it. But they're tired of it but it is not a great policy to save. My position is what about your house. But what about your neighborhood but about where you come from. What about yet. that's not that's not it either. But i just think that from a business standpoint you know that here are the things that we can offer you in here. Are the things that we cannot offer you. Which is one of the reasons why i honestly believe the. Nba needs to find some way to get rid of salary cap. Because in some ways you have to overpays guys to get them to stay or go to places right. I mean real estate is an amazing way to put it because when you early. Ninety s phoenix was a great destination. Did how hard it is to go. Eleven years in not make the playoffs and league would have two teams make the playoffs. You don't even have to have a winning record necessarily jamaica glass in the nba. Although the western conference you kind of do but the phoenix suns. How many true free agent destinations do you have in the nba. Chicago's not even been a great free agent destination. Post-jordan miami los angeles dallas houston. I would say houston dallas mark. Cuban has been betting on this for years and it hasn't happened right state hasn't been obviously durant was the big scores. So you can say yes absolutely success but you got thirty teams and you have a half dozen places that people will voluntarily go to that puts you in a really difficult bind difference. Boston is we wouldn't be having this conversation if they didn't have you know seventeen championships. That's the incongruity here right. Which is you got seventeen championships. And nobody wants to come here. How do you build that for the future. It's green bay. It's one of these weird championship places that is not a magnet right. There also is in the nba places if you're operating on the idea. Where's a good. Be a young black man with a pocket full of money right places that fit that description that are not free agent destinations there never have been easy atlanta dc. Those are the two that really jump off the page still. Don't nobody wanna go there then. There's an interesting one which is orlando which is not a free agent destination now but for people who are not old enough to remember this. I forget what year it was exactly however they got graphics two thousand what they got grant hill and tracy mcgrady signed there in the same year and they signed tracy mcgrady because they thought they had. Tim duncan tim duncan at the end changes mind and decided to go back. Like orlando was attractive enough at that point that they could get what proved to be at the time three of the ten best players in the nba. All wanted to go there and offseason ten one. The ankle crapped out. Right before he went to orlando they were able to get those people now. Granted this is even. After the salary i believe has come around but they. They would've been able to pull this off so if you're going to get guys to come you're going to have to do with a first class organization and so when i look at all these other teams as like if you wanna get guys to come here. You gotta do a mark cuban day when he got the dallas. Because a lot again for those of you not old enough to remember. They were flat out laughing stock when they were by far the worst team in the nba worst than the expansion teams like they were the worst team in the nba. And the cuban did stuff like make the locker room plush the most comfortable seats on the bench for the players. And all of that stuff. That's what you had to do. And so all these teams daddy just that a fighting it now man. Y'all need to be out here in. I haven't mlk day thing bigger and better than anywhere else in the league or whatever it takes to make people feel like no. Boston is a place that you wanna be. baseball team. Figured it out but they figured it out because they were like yo. Those dominicans are black but not like we talking about. They got a old part of town over here where they can go speak spanish and get the groceries that they like and they'll come and they did will and that was the other thing i was gonna say. It was like you know people. That don't understand boston would. They don't understand. Most about them as boston is not a african american city. Only it's an island city. You got i mean. My people were from barbados yet. Haitians there you got dominicans. You got me. You got all kinds of black people in boston. So if you've got a small black population in the first place now you've got a black international population mike. When we were growing up in dorchester before we moved right. I mean i think we were the only black family black american family. We have to stop as we sit here. Brad stevens is moving into the front office on a full time. Role in the celtics are expected to start a search for a new head coat so espn is show. This is just all happen. It's keep are coming. All i was going to say. Was that the brother living next door to boston. Hey should he was taken a soccer ball even a basketball right. If you wanna understand boston you're going to understand that it is not your traditional black. You know city in the black population. Because you're dealing dealing with a lot of island folks there so the culture of the city has to be sort of dissect it and people just get their backs up way too much. You can't even have a single conversation with people immediately. Jumping down to throw go. What about what about howard beach. What about benson her. What about it. We talking about boston right now. Let's deal with what you have to deal with especially if you're trying to attract people to play for your team what..

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