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How are you doing i'm crepe parkinson you are listening to the to shop podcasts yourself down public on marisol child with this i'm gonna tell you right right now now how the devil this week everything yeah yeah no i now over here in the uk you sick of the weather it's cold rain it's beleagued people walking around with their on the scarves on each just one son to come out of the things to be happier while knock as common trauma but thank you so much for download in joining us is always treats of you and your messages thanks so much for the lovely kind support messages from last week's episode sean do they know you know this isn't stay rights radio show a don't read out all the lovely messages that you send i did get a a message on social media saying yet will of the episode that the but what was really nice was to hear you to just sat down like old mates evan annetta and that's the best review that we could get because truth be told that was the first time that myself and sean had really had a big conversation sat down that's always wanted to poke us to bay very relaxed forced and natural just like two mates cafe down the pub so thanks for that this week is episode thirty six and we are thrilled to be joined by loan lady little bit more than a second now a while back danny lay who's curator at bfi going watch with me and asked if i join something that he's organizing the bear fide and i said yes when he's hold it was all about so i thought i bet you now it's called working class heros it's on saturday april the fourteenth and it's a look at workingclass talent in front and behind the camera it's going to be amazing day there's.

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