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Jacob good luck. My friend absolutely takes great guy now in front of the stars net. Jill at bats a shot on goal. Why with a stick safe from who it was a great setup from pain from the right wing corner stars get the puck yon Marco along the left wing boards hitting white pass. Now, the Lovejoy right wing at center ice this down the board behind the hawk net. Crawford plays quickly the left wing to Patrick Kane at center ice. He carries into the stars actually to the stars blueline where young Mark poke checked the puck away and the stars. Get it back five thirty five left in the first period. Hawks in stars, no score. John Klingberg carrying to center ice for the start to Brett Ritchie of the hawk line down the left wing leans on Gustafsen. Put the puck to the corner centered out by Spence up pick off in front though, by Brandon Saad to Anisimov over the center circle tried to float it on the left wing side for Saad into the stars on. But sped up put the sick laid out knocked it out amid air put it away to the far boards. And now lyndale Senate the center ice picked off by the hawks. Here's an ISA mop into the stars zone. Little told dragon shot from the top of the right circle punch Affleck's to the near boards. Pushes it out the center ice Duncan Keith ahead of the hawk line. We'll shoot the puck over in front of the stars bench. And then gusts us and takes it place. It back to Duncan Keith hawk line. You'll step ahead and drive a long one in on who Dovan to went down in the butterfly position to knock that away Alexi act from behind the stars net. Put it over to claim Byrd Bennett ahead at center ice comb over the hawk line to Alexi AC big blast from the line in an ala of Corey Crawford. Your Slater Kuku the puck behind the hawk net. Vincit over the Seabrook. Banks it up the right wing side, the purlee, and then it had to Strom through center ice throw over the stars line on the left wing sends the puck down behind the net. Khudobin moves it up the left wing to Sagan to Dickinson hawk lines, Radulovich Sagan and a backdoor pass for tickets and Trafford slams the doors. He flies off the left post over the right and got his right Pat on it knocking it wide. So far the save of the game for the hawks. Now debrincat will deflect the puck down ice and behind the stars net. No, I called is the hawks. Will get a line chain here the stars on the attack. Hey skin with a pass for hints hawk line left wing down behind the net. Crawford out to swat at around at the left wing side to Kane made a pass across the rink could Tula. He's into the stars on to the right board hits the trailer gusts and then Keith top of the right circle hammers shot blocker save made by khudobin and get along the near boards could Julia runs into pit lake with the stars. Get the puck into the hawk zone. Dowling to pick the high slot. Hitler takes the puttable at point then walks the blue line to Dowling along the right boards to Klingberg near the point. He is hit lost the puck down to the corner. Taes glares out to the line to could you a Patrick Kane. He's over the stars, lying toddler. Justin Dowling us a strange, then came to hawks take a one nothing lead with three fifteen left incurable. Shots like pets cake. We got a forward that their defense. And he just had a back up wasn't going get beat one on one. But he's something south right back into the dot pets as as kind of started to stick. Now a little bit let drift further further back then John said using into the street in fire at the top order. Forty third goal of the season for Patrick Kane for that goal..

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