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We bond fans are demanding bunch. We love things to change, but we also love a bit of nostalgia in amongst all that moving forward. It's a classic movie making conundrum. Really we want the same but different that's no easy task. Bill Tanner is M's chief of staff and four actors played him since his first appearance in the man with the Golden Gun in nineteen seventy four. I sat down with current Tanner Brewery CANEA and asked about characters such as his and that blends of pushing forwards whilst nodding to the past. What sort of brilliantly do the films is that sort of inching forwards as well as holding on? And that's the difficult blend. Isn't it? Yeah and and each time that sense of okay. How do we? How do we? Evolve and how do we bring these films into a whatever whatever whatever the audiences expecting that year. But at the same time, you know resist completely throwing the baby out with the Buffalo and making sure that there is enough for those people that go to see the bond films because of what they represent historically and what they you know that sense of. Holding onto that childhood when they first started watching bond films as well as you know, what does someone who wants to come and see a film for the first time sort of expect these days And I suppose the the the best bond movies will always reflects in some way what's going on in politics in society that contemporary and again, tanneries is another vital part of that isn't it? Because he is part of the government you know. What's going on in his world? Should. Reflect what we watching on the news. Yeah I guess I. Guess in some ways, sort of a civil servant who has to adapt to each new prime minister that comes in or each new boss that comes in like he's adopted from from Judy to rife and that sense of continuity and I guess in that sense of knowing what the rules are so that you can inform the new bloods coming in yes I, think each each films I've been involved in has taken in contemporary story lines or contemporary worries and I guess yeah. Use those for the narrative. No time to die also sees the return of moneypenny 'em secretary. In early films she's more of a traditional assistant and was I played by Lois Maxwell who incidentally is being miss moneypenny more times than any actor has been burned these days though with Naomie Harris in the role she plays an important part in representing how society changed since the nineteen sixties it was such a gift of a role getting to play moneypenny in sky fool because you know for the first time it was this real bring up to date of this role and making her truly reflective of women today you know and women today are going toe to toe with men in all kinds of fields, all kinds of professions and They are respected and expect to be respected quite rightly as well, and so it was wonderful to have the opportunity to reflect that there's a moment in sky full. It's the the shootout scene in the courtroom and Bon just taps the garden with his foot tools moneypenny you just go that. Equals me I know you can do this. We are partners. Yeah. Yeah. No, that's definitely true despite it had shooting him actually which obviously was an accident but even the that I think shows a lot about his says a lot about his character actually the despite the fact that he does get short by her he still trusts her still forgives her and still willing to work alongside her I mean it's hard decision not to go back into the field, but he would happily work alongside Harrigan. Cubby Broccoli real they Albert Romolo Broccoli. Along with his colleague. Harry Saltzman, with the original producers of James Bond films these days it's his daughter Barbara and Stepson Michael who are leading operations at aliens London headquarters. Barbara grew up on the film set of bond alongside her father whereas Michael was a qualified engineer and a partner in an international tax law firm. Before he entered the world of Bond, they tell me what it's been like taking over that legacy. Lovely Line of advice. I've seen you quote from your father, which was don't let other people screw it up. A slightly. SPREAD APPLE DISHES We understand. On. A practical level. What does that mean do you think is that is that doesn't mean that you was the family have just oversee every tiny elements. Yeah. I mean as he did you know he and Harry when they started this franchise were very hands on and micromanaged everything. And you know when Michael Knight took over. I think you know we feel the responsibility of the weight of the responsibility of what they started and everyone else who began the series whether it was. Dick mayb on the writer. Terence young director everyone put their hearts and souls into these films and the audiences have come to love them. So I, think we take our responsibility very seriously and I think what he meant by that was. Don't let other people who don't have. The kind of. You know long vision who aren't. You know completely involved in this series make decisions that will. Change Bond in a way that. Might really damage bond films forever. So it was like even, but he wanted us to take risks. You know he said take risks. If you WANNA, make mistakes fine. You guys mistakes but don't let other people talk you into making mistakes i. think that's something we've tried to live by. Do you think with each new film. What would have thought of it? Oh. Yes. Of course. And I think. You know there's there's. A lot of. People we owe. Responsibility to to. Not Screw it up and. the audience. Is Big. One. Company and all the other people that were involved in the beginning. The actor SUV but their heart and soul into it writers directors. So. There's a lot of responsibility and. Knowing no time to is well as you do what do you think he would have a thought of this one in particular. I think he would have loved Daniel I really wish he'd gotten to see Daniel Because, I think he would have just loved what he did with the character and also he would love him as a person. He would love the commitment that. Daniel. Takes on when he makes these films and. Takes it so seriously and how he gives it all and I think he would really love this movie. It's just still enthralling and. It's It's such a ride. It's emotional light as well as A. As, a action adventure ride, which I think is, what makes it so great what Daniels brought to the characters? Sort of. Emotions. Company used to say that he thought automatic secret service was. Very important on film and maybe one of the best written ones. Best Stories and casino. Royale another one that he in Harrow wanted to make but never had the rights to. I think this one. Would feel the same about has. The same elements in it you know kind of. Tragic love story you know. Very emotional based. Story about bond. Coming up.

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