CNN, Fifteen Minutes discussed on Ben Shapiro


Sugar okay sell Democrats and what by this I'm doing the quote my brothers are out there really stumping for gun control last night on CNN CNN held another one of their awful gun town halls the last time they did this is after parkland and it turned into fifteen minutes hate directed against my friends in a lash directed against senator Marco Rubio it was absurd and then they decided you know what Jake tapper to objective let's get somebody even less objective let's get Chris Cuomo so Chris Cuomo is the dumber of the comma brother he's afraid of the global family and he doesn't he really knows nothing about guns the second man anything but he is firmly convinced he knows everything and this is how you end up with tweets like this from Chris Cuomo they tweeted out this morning click twenty four it out this morning do you remember what the second amendment was created for that there is no individual right contemplated until justice Scalia read it in if you are an originalist about the constitution you have no basis for thinking you and not the state controls access yeah this is patently insane the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed not the right of the state not the right of the militia the right of the people Tory closet is called the second amendment talking about a well regulated militia being necessary to the preservation of a Free State that's explaining why individuals should have weapons and the answer is so they can get together and then they can practice and then they can resist federal Tierney and this is flipped on its head according to Cuomo the federal government should be able to ban guns why do well it is the federal militia I I'm I'm missing the part of the second ma'am it what the federal government gets to regulate and in any case Chris formal leads off his stupid primetime town hall he leaves office demographic nonsense by ripping into the NRA the NRA refused to show up their fees to shop because they're not complete fools last time somebody from the NRA showed up those dental lash and she she ended up basically being run out of parkland on a rail so why would they show up so Chris Cuomo instead of saying we requested the arrays presence that in job instead he tears into the NRA and says that they don't care if people get killed and that they are bad for the debate I can't imagine why they didn't show up to listen to your questions Chris Cuomo unbelievable we also invited the national rifle association the NRA to be part of tonight's conversation they declined they sent a totally disingenuous statement that they're open to honest discussion but not this spectacle that's what you call this a spectacle I guess they want to do their talking with propaganda ads and millions in lobby besides let's be honest the gun lobby is not going to be the answer and that shouldn't be expected anymore than we expected big tobacco to help us expose the ills of smoking the reality is people like you are the answer and there can be no sides when it comes to wanting to be safer this act is saying there can be no sides except we all hate the NRA they're evil they're evil they're not gonna be part of the solution remember this is an objective journalist Chris Cuomo is journalism in all over the place getting a journalism everywhere it's just ridiculous in there there was one kind of weird moment for Chris one up in the middle of this town hall is a firearm advocare name is Teresa in occur and that things went wrong for Chris Cuomo when she asked in a very simple question I am a proud female farm owner I just want to say that I'm a farmer owned a farm owner and I I care too so I think there's a little bit of a misunderstanding that we don't care but we do and actually were against violence all violence not just gun violence so my question is do you believe a woman has a right to choose whether or not to defend her own body and in the manner she chooses and that the government should not interfere with that decision are you planning on what we see with print reproductive rights and in each case though who are making these in Passionist impassioned arguments what's the concern the concern is the well being of the person who winds up being the recipient of the act there is Chris Cuomo being forced to acknowledge that the concern is with the victim meeting you the fetus is that Iraq has gone up welcome to the pro life contingent Chris Cuomo welcome glad to see you here hope.

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