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Off. Oh my gosh is like rubber my belly. You need to get off. Pick up the rubber toy you want to hear about the long lost. This is the biggest pooh on record is from a parasite riddle. Viking who invaded england. Twelve hundred years ago an enormous viking. Pu may be the longest human feces ever recorded. The long lost heard was excavated from a now abandoned. Viking settlement imagines a whopping twenty centimeters eight inches. He must have had a vindaloo. Maybe seven eight sausages or something own a yuletide log your nose so it wasn't enough. It was also a girl thirty five centimeters wide or two inches. Oh my gosh. Hurt coming out the pool copper. Light the scientists will call it was found in nineteen seventy two and maybe they preserved sense. Who knows in fact. It was discovered in britain below the site that became known as lloyds bank's next to a bank. That was a rob a big deposit. It was a duck out by excavations from york. Archaeological trust is now in the old vic viking center. Let's hope it's the they have fresh coming out of the The casing wrapped around a copper. Light is actually. A fossilized feces is believed to be the largest. Ever fossilized human poop. I would've even thought consistently of meat and bread. Sounds like you'll talk victoria. Ronnie worrying visit the ancient worrying for the ancient lauper. Hundreds of parasitic eggs were discovered in the long log. That suggests the vikings who dropped the number to all those years ago were riddled with intestinal worms. Dr andrew. jane said. This is the most exciting excrement i've ever seen does. According to excavation research the copper light was covered with with moist in pt winning combination for the preservation of the organic matter keeping not only poop intact but timber textiles and leather to. It actually broke into three pieces off. The pin dropped whilst the next division in two thousand three is being reconstructed certificate a viking reconstructed by zd. Meat and bread knows. And now it's It's full length and are in visitors of the your vic viking center there. We go the world's largest liking poop. I mean he must have to grab older homes the push that one out so what. My daughters come here. They obviously like to entertain the corgi maggie. The kogi is a little bit of a wrong bunches very very very short legs. Long body much like zero and this. Tell us some of the exploits that you've had with a court kogi exploits. South maggie has now discovered a playground. So we've made her go down the slides in today on our morning walk. We took maggie to the playground. And we i was on the swing nice went in i had her in my lap and we were swinging. I don't know if she liked it but she has been exploring she she liked and she was obviously the says she's been on the swing and on the slide so far so quite a quite adventurous call. I would say so something. I was very worried about yesterday as well. Moving onto another topic my dad so my first visit to the pull this season and with a full harry bob rossa back. I'm very concerned that the had may clog up the filter the pool system and ruin everybody else's fun. It's entirely possible. Probably with the amount of hair you have on your back because the wax it does it does make me worry that everybody else is going to waxing in the city all these other chaps and they completely clean shaven and then i looked like some sort in the nfl. Mary gorilla. i'm i am worried. The bigfoot bigfoot spot association may come out and like try to put me in a cage and arrest me and show me to the public. That's how that's how worrying that it could. It could be a case where i may be mistaken as sasquatch especially those big hairy toes of yours. I was worried about the back. You worried about the toes. But that's a whole thing as well. I mean people have been locked up for year. Forget the harry bag. How about long tunnels still monstrosities yesterday. That should not have been out on display people that could dig gardens all they could also be hidden under bridges. And you've fearful about going over the bridge with this trophy. His feet were digging into the bottom of the pool. He was trying to dig a hole with his feet making the pool. A little bit deeper but digging my digging my way to australia becomes a boat at the poll was around. But everybody everybody remember this. You may look wonderfully get rid of the hassett and everything else Full the pool for the summer. But don't forget to tributo clause clip your calls so before my did child came to colorado to see me and she She did send me a clip of this primate swimming And i'm going to post up on twitter. And she said it. Remarkably looked like mesa tried to describe what this was so it was like a aranka tanger there. Some fish swim through and he had his cheeks full water. And it just looks so similar. Didn't have a middle aged spread as well hanging belly. A paulie as well. So he wasn't the most sort of a wasn't a fit monkey and he wasn't cutting through the water aerodynamically. A water dynamically. I guess he wasn't the most graceful. Do you think he looked like michael. Phelps the olympic gold winner now. No you make your way across the pool. So one of the most distinct awful crimes that i've seen this year was something was advertised and it drove me wild to say this pumpkin spice is already being advertised in may yes. This.

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