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When he wasn't in there when he was in there. I believe it was it might have been two thousand fifteen and I believe it was when they played the forty Niners in week two and had fifteen back. I was interrupt you go for it. He was he was just absolutely amazing. The very next week. He's in a hoodie and for a couple of weeks. He's in a hoodie after that. And he just the defense really suffered without him being there. So the big thing if we're comparing the two it's really looking to see who stays healthy because if you could have Bush staying healthy a whole lot more than Shays ear than you have a better defense. And I'm glad you said that in this is something that Lance Williams, and his yeah, I said it show actually mentioned it was the episode where he said why they shouldn't reach for Bush or. One of the Devon's essentially. And even though they they did I don't think it's a reach. But they've made an aggressive play. And he talked about how people forget, and it's because of the injury that there were people calling Ryan shazier a bust. He missed a lot of tackles he played fast. But sometimes he played reckless. He was injured a lot. How many times we hear people say why can't he play safety? You know what I mean? People forget about this. And it is just fan perspective. I'm not saying this is the team was suggesting like that. But I'll tell you what let's wrap this up by answering. My question from the Steelers burning question, and that is will Devin Bush live up to the hype in two thousand nineteen Brian will go with you. I this even if he becomes a bust. This is a great trade because she made the move that he needed to make this was the year you had to make that move. They were desperate to make this move. And they went ahead and did it so plus even. If he bust out he's not gonna bust out though. He's going to make an impact I predict that. He is. He plays a lot in week one. Whether he's a stored or not and he is full time starter by week four. So he he lives up to the height not only lives up to the hype. But he will be in the in the equation for defensive rookie of the year. It'd be Dave. I do want to clean up one thing. I'm so Brad go. So glad Brian brought up that forty Niners game. I was at that game. And not only we have all those tackles. He was just everywhere. You just watch that game was amazing. And it was so disappointing to see him get that pinched nerve that he was pinched nerve or something shoulder. They thought it was just a stinger. And then here was a nerve problem. I think he missed the next four to answer your question. I do not think he's gonna live up to the hype and this year because I think we've already as Steeler fans, we've already set our expectations basically way too high for him. He's going to he's if he doesn't come out and put up twice but twice as good numbers is what Shakespeare did in his Pro Bowl year than we're not going to be happy. You know, because we don't understand that it takes more than one year for a player to be ready..

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