Whitey Bolger, Sean Hannity, Congress discussed on The Nicole Sandler Show


Okay so get it now the the story about the story about the whitey bolger and jayme komi letting whitey bolger go or covering for him or whatever it was that's fake news and it and it was made up by the people at fox and there was a whole graphic that anderson cooper showed of sean hannity with his arrows from from james komeito whitey bolger and all these other people in there as well fake totally fake made up stuff not not true at all again lots of reasons to dislike james the i've got a few of them but that's not one of them okay all right we got a good show for you today you know i was just listening to tom hartman is i was prepping for today's show and somebody called in talking about a candidate who's running for congress and they wanted to get him on him or her on the show and and thom hartmann said well we wait till after the primaries i don't put on anyone before the primaries are over unless they're so far out in front it's you know it's a no brainer that they're going to win wow i totally disagree with that you see primaries matter this is my mantra these days this is the most important part of the election season if you're concerned with getting real progressives elected to congress and i think that's what you and i are concerned about right so today we will have a couple of candidates on the show one from north carolina and one from indiana because those are the next primaries that are coming up on may eighth and these are two really good progressive candidates frankly i have no idea where they are in the polls maybe they can tell us i do know that they are blue america pac endorsed candidates in other words they have how he climbed seal of approval meaning that they'd be great additions progressive members of congress which is what we need not the type of right wing drek that the d triple c.

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