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Bush center in dallas entrepreneurs and political leaders are in dallas ahead of barbara bush's funeral to discuss leadership techniques w told a crowded room that his family knows his mother is in a better place i am at peace with what place and the reason why is my mother was at peace for what took place she believes in an afterlife and was joyously looking forward to that afterlife john bainer and dick cheney will both appear at the forum today saturday dignitaries from across the world will attend funeral services for mrs bush in houston clayton neville dallas olympian jordan we for testifying before the senate subcommittee investigating the systematic abuses across generations of young athletes lack of accountability from usa g usc and michigan state have caused me in many other girls remain shameful confused and disappointed i'm an olympian despite being abused i worked so hard and was able to achieve my goal but i want everyone to know that i'm one of two hundred and fifty women in survivors who story is just as important our pain is all the same in our stories are all important the people in organizations who are responsible need to accept responsibility for the pain they've caused me and my sister survivors to former lint police officers pleading guilty to theft conspiracy from an organization receiving federal funds the department of justice says fiftythreeyearold richard besson of davison and forty four year old jason gruel conspire together with others from june of twenty eleven till twenty thirteen to steal traffic cash reports from the flint flint police department in exchange for cash.

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