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Typical listener experience. Listen entire boys, catalogue, close. He was fine. You can't laugh. So he chose listen to our pod. Right, right. All right. Good choices or this or that book about Ted Bundy. So. Ester, have you ever been to state where he couldn't eat solid food for a stretch? Yeah. I think when I had my wisdom teeth, ow. Wow, same here was teeth. What did you guys in doing? Because I don't think I had my wisdom teeth out, but my recovery was not. That is pretty pretty quick. MAC and cheese. I had some mashed potatoes is not a liquid. It was. It was still like soft enough that it just rate the MAC and cheese was like the one that I like could like to a couple of times and swallow it down. Okay. And I will do some frappes. From the place that was once Brigham. So it's very specific, right? No, other time have I have I not have been able to have solids. Yeah, clearly. Esters. What was your experience like? I don't remember at all what I. I do remember when I had my wisdom teeth out my parents, jolted me awake, and I was really out of it and they're like, we're going to the cemetery today and just remember them like dragging me to the cemetery while was half aware of my surroundings really confusing. I don't know because they just kind of they just do their own thing. And I was just like a kid that we had to go along with it. But when you say what's what liquids are non-salted you? I would love to just go like pudding. I think chocolate pudding. Choice on. Yeah, you know, jello pudding, right? Anything like that. I'm wonder if he means like specific smoothie smoothie place or something like that. Because they do so many, you mentioned smoothies and his Email. And yeah, you can do so many like I, there's, there's so many very insipid like vegetables and stuff and smoothies. Now, I feel like you can get a bunch of bunch of mileage out of just trying different smoothies with different combos of of produce and yogurt soup, of course. But I don't like any specific. I just wonder because I feel like if I had like to Boston market, actually a couple of times that's fun. Yeah, yeah. I mean, I think there's, I think you could do something like mashed potatoes. I think that's good because you have a little bit substantial. I worry with soups because especially cream base soup, and that's like all I meeting, I feel like that's like, I'm just going to be in a bad state. Rumblings wise. I do remember this. I want to an Irish bar with Mike three days after I had my wisdom teeth thing, and I was drinking bud lights, and I remember my my where my wisdom teeth. It started bleeding again into my mom. She's Christ soon have been drinking. You're getting on me for bleeding. Fucking mouth. Fucking living room. But yeah, if you have any any Rex for someone who's recovering from any sort of oral surgery and his limited from what they can eat, hashtag liquid foods. On the knows I don't know what? Yeah. Fuck even though. Hey, sometimes you gotta use that spoon a little bit, but the Oreo Oreo cookie, all my poor. Treat yourself Oreo. Cookie, shake from Johnny rockets them, double blend it though. Yeah, those chunks really blended. I'm going to be prepared to use a spoon. If you have a question or comment about the world of chain, restaurants, nameless always podcasts gmail.com or leave..

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