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Some people have soft about how just fundamentally the way these these car systems are analyzing the roads. Yes, having a a map of the road and having lied our systems or even radar systems that can bounce on their cars can give you some advantages over human driving, but the fear of information they have data sensing is much less experienced driver able to see a mile down the road and the actions of a car coming toward them. You and I always going to be better at information gathering in the long, long distances. A car is necessarily. And then you know, Tom Carper moments would say, well, it's pedestrians fall, the unpredictability, Radic behavior of that. The cars now gate right now, Thomas cars have getting the short term. The quote, unquote, short-term is fault of other people pedestrians being Radic. Anyone who's gone through a busy intersection where you make an left turn and our people trying to cross a street. Thomas would freak out there not know what to do if de-stress had stoplights or gave right of way to Thomas cars. This wouldn't be a problem. That's not a thing that's going to. That's not realistic and. In the snare you're talking about Jeremy, where even if Thomas cars work better, when there are more of them on the road than human driven cars, the human driven cars will have to be held to higher standard of counter -bility. It's like it's like thinking of when we moved from horses to cars, right. At some point, there are more horses than there were cars and people riding horses can kind of go free as freely as they want because you have to deal with the cars. Then we went when they're more cars and horses. Yeah, horses can still coexist, but the horses are the minority and have to be held a higher standard. I wonder if drivers will start to take advantage of the self driving cars at that point, the human driver's, knowing hippie lighting. Yeah. Oh, absolutely. Knowing that the will be cautious, more cautious, less aggressive because there's no epithet right gives zero empathy, right, right now people barely have empathy with other human drivers. Yeah. I'm actually thinking about a world where there are no left turns like, is that actually better? Okay. Somebody's probably done the math. No. What like if everyone just takes turns just in a in a localized city, especially like where there's. You know more one way streets like I could. I bet is something that you can talk all you can switch on and sim city. GTA, but like I left term with a one way streets. Fine, right? Yeah, but I'm sort of imagining that it could be faster if all the cars just, you know you're talking about just in not Britain everywhere UK. Yes, not the u. k.. Have you tried messing with any of the autonomous cars that are out in the city now and I don't wanna do it. What do you mean messing like? I'm talking about like this is a little mean, but I I did. This, would you do? I was at a stop sign and one of the autonomous cars..

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