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Doing it with a new trainer? Is that correct? Yes. Yes, that's also as also very correct. So what's the whole story there? What's going on with that? You know, I enjoyed my time with B and B which we all know is Bo Mack on race, spikes, east south Diego's, but you know, great thing is felt that it was actually the best for us to go different ways. And you know, I had to do nothing but respect that. Like I said, I still love Bo in the team. Red spikes, et cetera, great individuals, great trainers. But it was more of a chemical thing between us and I just had to go and basically find help elsewhere. Based on his decisions. So I looked over to my left and right and I felt that Manny robles, who I known for overwhelm a decade, coach Benny actually helped me get to the Olympics. And I felt like that at this point in time was maybe the best fit for me. So I'll be working alongside many robles, Los Angeles, going into my next break. So that's interesting. I mean, well, first of all, Mandy's an excellent trainer, known to most people as the man that got it Andrew Ruiz to the unified heavyweight championship. But you sound surprised that Bo Mack wanted to go his separate ways. I'm definitely definitely because I understand it was basically more of a difference in opinion due to the business and the sport. But for the most part, you know, it was definitely, it was definitely a huge surprise because like I said, I thought I would end my career with those individuals. But you know, I responded to this decision. It's no bad blood. You know, bud, bud, as well, did it did a great tremendous job. In terms of getting to me getting me to the world title, in my career, so I always have love and respect for those guys, but, you know, sometimes you just have to just have the business works, but at the end of the day, it's no animosity. Bo Mack, you know, I give them a lot of love and respect, because again, he got me knowledge in a world title, but you know, he helped me defend it on multiple occasions. And like I said, I'm definitely going to be working alongside red, and he said, well, because those are they played a huge part as well. And getting me to where I'm at, even today. So it's definitely going to definitely feel funny. I can't, I can't lie, but, you know, I have to do what to do as best and just continue to keep trucking and pushing forward. Yeah, we look forward to seeing you back in the ring and one 35, right? You're moving up and wait. One 31 35 as of now, but I mean, you see me Chris, I've never felt like I'm outgrown. I look like I've grown weight classes. So I have no issue fighting at one 35 because that's when I actually started my career as pro. Even in the amateurs, I flooded high as Julian welterweight. But I told Todd rank to always keep options open at one 30, which is funny because I'm not at least we're speaking about it. I was originally supposed to fight Richard Comey coming back at one 35, but so I guess something on his end, they said that Richard wouldn't be available for may. So we dropped back. That idea. Then they came with me. We're all kind of sale. Robson county, at one 30. But I was told by top rank that he was having issues with these is getting into the country. So we had the scrap from that. So it was basically, I was okay with you to fight at one 30 and one 35, but we just couldn't find the right opponent. And you have either. So we're back to we're back to one 35, but again, I have no issues for that one 30. Yeah, well, jamel speaking from, you know, one finely tuned athlete to another. I can, you know, I know you're very you're easily bounced back and forth with weights. You know, I'm trying to get to Cruiserweight. As we speak, I'm almost there. Almost that day. So it's all good. Dan, do you have any news to announce that top chemicals before we get into it? I don't. I'm not dropping through weight classes. I have no new trainer. I think that's interesting though. Manny robles world class trainer must be an adjustment for you. If anyone can roll with the punches and just battle through any type of adversity, it's jamel herring. So I know you'll be in top shape for that fight in May. And it's got to be different. It's going from Colorado to LA. It definitely right now. I know it was back and forth with Colorado while snow and everything and in LA. The weather is getting just right because the springtime. So I was definitely going to be a huge difference in terms of atmospheres. But for me, I know once I was a pair of gloves and just, you know, go hit something. I'll be fine because again, I've had a great friendship relationship with Mandy mobile up a decade and again, he was in my corner for not only for the amperes, but an Olympics as well. So we definitely have a great bond and I'm just happy to be around another familiar face at least. Yeah, no question about that. All right, let's jump into the news fellas of the week. And I want to begin with a conclusion, a resolution for the drama between Devin Haney and George Campbell's Devin Haney and George Campbell's will meet in June to settle the undisputed championship at a 135 pounds that fight will take place in Australia. It will be broadcast on ESPN, which is a layer of this that will peel back as well. Dan, let's start with you. Give me a reaction to finally, you know, getting a deal done for Devin Haney to face George campuses. I just tweeted this out. It was years of confusion about who was the undisputed the franchise belt, all that nonsense, months of painstaking, negotiations, whether it was a lomachenko at first, and now in steps Devin Haney. But finally, this June, we're going to have resolution, like you said, Chris. And we're going to have ourselves an undisputed champion at lightweight. Barring a draw. I did tweet that too, and I got a lot of reactions on. No, please. The last thing we need is a draw in this fight to string this along anymore. But I think it's great. I think it's good for boxing. Dev and haney, many believe that he was the guy that should get this shot because of the confusion with the belt. He is on paper, or if you want to say email, I know that's a slight, but he is the champion of the WBC at 135 pounds. Obviously, we saw George campos did winning those belts against TF female Lopez. I thought lomachenko fight would make the most amount of money for George campos. I'm pretty sure it would have some insights on how those negotiations were going. But if it was either a lomachenko or haney, you know, I was fine with that, but now we're going to figure out that once and for all, it's going to go down in Australia. The fact that it's on regular ESPN I think is a big win for boxy fans going to get a huge viewership and like you said, just finally getting an answer to this long, long winded saga at 135 pounds and we're going to figure out who's the best. Jamal, what do you think? Because I know you were watching that very closely because whether Lou de Bella wants to admit it or not, you were potentially an option if that fight had fallen through to go to Australia and fight George Campbell. So what do you think of a deal finally getting done? I'm here. I mean, from my side, I did get a call. I did get a call about basically being on standby. I was pretty a lot of reading on the articles. I was pretty much playing C in terms because like I said, playing a was lomachenko plan B, of course I was hanging. And then I was actually giving a call to last minute response whether to prepare for my own fight to be on standby, but all due respect, I feel like the right man did get the opportunity. And even, you know, of course, I would love to fight in front of the world title, but I feel at my own right, I have to earn to get back into that until that conversation. But it's a good fight. It's a good fight. Like they are putting out, we finally get to put the rats, this is truly the true undisputed championship of the world with all the belts, including the mix up between the franchise title and the regular WC title happening being able to put it, but it's a good fight. Like you also stated ESPN. So it's going to be an or a bigger platform and I'm definitely as a box fan. I'm definitely excited to bless, you know, once I handle business.

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