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Her wouldn't Goldie's, like, spritzing your eyes. And she's like, What's Meryl Streep's name in that movie? Oh, Madeline. I have to speak to Madeline at once. Madeline, I have to speak to Magic Johnson. Her typing herself up in the car. Yeah, it's like when Lindsay Lohan stared at the camera and the Oprah show and made herself cry off like for some self tap shoes. Doing. Yeah. But honestly, I was crying. This is where I was like when she was like I just never thought were expected any of this. I believed that like I felt that pain and I connected to it, Erica really breaks down in front of Kyle. She's like telling her about how hard it is. Like how long alone she feels and like it's just she's like, truly in hell and she guys, it's okay guy. Land KO goes. No, it's not. Okay, unless you go for mascara starts to bleed, key down her face like unbelievable Trails. It's a ski slope. It's like a ski resort Trail of Tears, Trail of Tears. And she, but then I'm like, Butt wipe that know she, she wore that mascara to cry. Yeah. Sorry. She is true and, you know, you're going to be invulnerable and emotional and you would wear and you didn't want to like ruin the gas cap. You'd wear waterproof mascara, Camille Grammer was someone screenshotted. She commented and something saying like I was with Erica in the beat at the beach and when she was in the ocean wearing mascara and I never saw it running this saying month and I'm like she put on that kind of. What does that kind of mascara? Like old older mascara? Know, it's just like a thick, like some some mascaras like that. Like there's like diorshow mascara, she would run like that. Like if you got the non waterproof kind that's just like a really thick mascara, it's like charcoal e almost but she she whipped out the charcoal for this cuz she was like I want to look like fleabag sad wife, which by the way I feel like that's like every Poster for like a a woman Centric show is like a woman with like mascara, running down her face. The saying dad sexy? Sexy sad Erica goes off a story to tell but I can't tell it because it's not the right time and I was like, wait at ease it? Yeah. Then she is. Want to know who your friends are. Kyle. Bury a body was like go broke off. I go to jail bury a body, that's one of them help you very about a you'll see. I was like I'd probably go see. It was like, my friends would say, no, I'm not doing this with, you know, that's like the thing off. A good friend bails you out of jail. A best friend sitting next scene to sell. Good health fucking yeah because there's like yeah I'm like that's a dysfunctional friend. That's a girl in Friendship. Friends are like, you'll be amazed how fast people leave, how they repelled from you, how they immediately distanced themselves. So quick, thoughts, she's full Orson Welles? She is in a place of Rosebud. Yeah. She and I was fully buying it until she starts her monologue about like Tom where she's like I told him you can't see. Well you can't hear. Well, you're degrading right in front of me. I can't ignore it and it's like I watch In Cahoots. Well Goddamn. Oh gosh started. Do we see it now playing out before her eyes and then it takes an even like richer turn. We're then she's like dead. and I'll tell you something like her bed, which is like As much as Tom supported me. He was entered me every step of the way forward. The light comes down. There's like one light shining in the top half of her face. She's like, honey, do you want, you passed me the ball and I ran it into the endzone. What's the problem was like, you were in Chicago, on Broadway? Yeah, but again, I did that again. Ashlee Simpson did that because, like not honey, babe, she goes Kyle. Let me tell you that around the time of Chicago so it's like, oh my God, it reminded me. Of when Valerie cherish is talking about, I met her days on that, she was back on it. Well on it. Well, back on. I'm it. I'm like what happened on Chicago her. Well honey you tell me the ball. I'm going to pass it in the end zone. What are you expecting me to do? I'm going to take it all the way home kid, you pass the ball. You say Thursday. I go home kid. I'm going to bring it all the way to home base. What are you talking about? You guys and then he was angry, Go goes well, just crazy. He wants you to Kyle's really piss the tomlins. Erica to pay his attorney bills. I love like seeing where the women kind of stand individual on money because it's just fascinating. And Kyle is basically like he paid for all this shit for you. Like that is just outrageous. Like that's what she's the most about and Kyle goes off like he he was an angel, was he didn't care because no, he's not an angel, my God, they're both acting their piles. Drama Kyle's do polio her Little House on the Prairie, like full acting. That's just awful. It was terrible now because my God is no Angela. He's a demon of anything and then Erica goes. And go to hug him and he wouldn't hug me back. There was another life happening on the outside. So the point and the inside conflict, it's like, girl, okay, I'll give it a skirt off. I was like, damn it, the pregnant pauses. There was conflicts like, oh my God. Who wrote this literally welcome to every fucking marriage. Since the dawn of time, I went to hug him and he didn't help me back. I was like, that's the best you can do. Yeah, I love that. I went to hug him. He didn't hug me back. There was conflict. Add go to hug him. And it wouldn't hug me back, okay. And then want to hug you. Yeah. What it is about his boundaries tone but maybe he's busy. I went to hug him, I knew there was conflict. There was another life. I thought she was going to say he was having an affair. I think that was like sprinkled in is like an added element but I'm sorry, like you're saying this man couldn't see or hear coming out of like I'm like oh so often he's like I'm like is he demented as he dementia? Is he Alzheimer's? Or is he deaf and blind because because then she's also going how cruel he is I know how cool Tom Girardi Colby and he's sitting there saying the worst things, it's like okay but he's you're now saying that he's like a bumbling Mr. Magoo with dementia. So I'm like nicotine baby, she should stay in one lane if you emotionally abusive to the Alzheimer's It's he just he a bat..

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