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Everyone in the us have health insurance move supposed to be about winning more gop votes but in says become a sticking point president donald trump still says he expects a deal be hammered out though i think they will i hope they will it's up to the senate and if they approve it the house and the senate will get together i'll be there right in the middle of it and we will come up with a bill that will be spectacular for growth and spectacular for the people of this country the house was already passed its version of the tax overhaul build a top priority of the trump administration the keystone xl pipeline took a step toward being built today when a government commission in nebraska approve the root for the project but grand girl of any t news in nebraska reports of decision may also clear the way for more legal challenges a path through nebraska was the missing piece transcanada needed to build the last leg of its pipeline which would carry oil from out bernie can't to refiners on the texas gulf coast the state public service commission approved a route but not the one transcanada wanted and pipeline opponents like jane club of bold nebraska say the new path should be sent back for review by state and federal regulators this is a new route on the table the federal government has never reviewed it and we are absolutely resolute in our position that we will stop this pipeline from ever being dealt transcanada has been lining up customers for keystone xl and says will decide whether to move ahead with the pipeline next month for npr news i'm grant gridlock justice department regulators of move to try and block at and t's proposed eighty five point four billion dollar acquisition of time warner deal combining two giant companies in terms of internet and pay tv providers as well as cnn hbo justices would create two big of a company and heffer consumers on wall street the dow closed higher this is npr you're listening to wnyc in new york at six l4 i'm jamie flowing a high ranking city council member is slamming new york's housing authority for falsely reporting that the city had inspected apartments for lead paint when it had not the agency known as night cia has had financial problems for years but the head of the city councils public housing committee richie torres says.

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