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Forty w. h. a. s. that story is next I forecast I buddy I'm wwl. Y meteorologist j Cardoso with your updated forecasts are. Still have a chance for a few, spotty showers even a rumble of thunder as we move through the first. Part of tonight I think a little bit later on we'll go mainly dry quiet as temperatures. Settled back to around seventy two it's going to heat up this August weekend backed. Work should be for, the time of. Year we'll be around ninety. One both tomorrow and Sunday. With partly to mostly sunny skies that's your w, well k y forecast I'm chief meteorologist j courtesy it's eighty nine at NewsRadio eight forty w., h. a. s. our top story the girl at the focus of an amber alert in the Washington DC area has been located and there's a twist to the story at attorney for the parents, of Jinjing moss as it was they and not kidnappers. That picked up their daughter at Reagan national airport near Washington yesterday morning taking her back to their New York City era home the attorney says the parents have been. Living in the. US for about two years and they haven't seen their daughter in that time as she He stayed behind. With relatives in China the attorney says that the. Parents have met with f. b. i., investigators but the investigation is not over Bill raycatena reporting the accused Marshall. County high school shooter was in court today sixteen year old Gabriel Parker is accused of killing. Two of his classmates in January he's being tried as an adult for two counts. Of murder and fourteen, counts of first. Degree assault meanwhile Parker stepfather. May face charges Commonwealth attorney. Mark Blankenship is debating whether to file charges against, Justin minyard for not preventing the deadly shooting according to Blankenship minyard should have seen signs that, his stepson gay Parker was troubled minyard is accused of gross negligence for allegedly leaving unsecured guns in his home that were accessible to Parker the now sixteen year old is accused of opening fire, at the school in January killing two and injuring more. Than a dozen others Healy Hanson NewsRadio eight forty w. h. a. s. and investigators, in Las Vegas released the final report today into October's mass Shooting on the strip. That killed fifty eight people but ten months after the deadliest shooting in, US history mysteries remain including the motive like most. Mass shootings remain conspiracy theories around what happened in Las Vegas. The sheriff calls. Those who are spreading those theories keyboard Cowboys who write all kinds. Of stuff about multiple gunmen about paddock being radicalized the sheriff says none of that is true they've. Been, unable to find the exact, motive for. The attack but I think it may have been financial troubles and mental issues ABC's Alec stone. Reporting a university of Kentucky football player has been diagnosed with the most serious type of skin cancer head coach Mark stoops announced, that defensive end Josh Paschal had skin lesions tested that came. Back as malignant melanoma Josh wants to be up front with this Josh and his, family are handling it well they want to be. Open about this so there was no speculation Paskal who was a sophomore played in all of Kentucky thirteen games last season GM is offering hackers a reward if they can find a way through the company's online security GM paying. What it calls a bug bounty rewarding specially chosen researchers when they find a weakness GM president Dan Hammond says the development of self. Driving vehicles make, cybersecurity very important one single. Cyber incident could Stein either deployment altogether or at least delay, it for a long time Hammond says cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated every day Jeff Gilbert Detroit Pentagon officials say efforts to find missing war heroes will continue we are guardedly optimistic that this, repatriation is the first step of others to account for missing from the Korean war Major General Kelly. Mckeag stressed that the recent recovery of presumed, Korean, war veteran remains will not be the, last doctor John Byrd said his preliminary. Assessment found that the remains were consistent with being Americans from the Korean war however, it's still unclear how How many individuals are in each of the fifty five boxes returned to the US your..

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