Gaza braces for protests and funerals a day after at least 58 Palestinians killed by Israeli troops


Took a hell of a long time to do that mr president but let's go to barack hussein obama quote i continue to say that jerusalem will be the capital of israel and i have said that before and i will say it again and jerusalem he said will remain the capital of israel and it must remain undivided well yes about that latter part the palestinians when when when the saudis basically tell the palestinians shut up start negotiating cut a deal but just shut up you know at some point that the american media is nothing more than and the american media is nothing more than going to do everything they can to try to marginalize israel let me put it a different way a little more starkly american media is going to continue to do what it can to marginalized jews and i find that absolutely despicable do the jews not have a right the historic right to live in their historic capital and to have their seat of government there and who who would not put their embassy in the same city that that nation proclaims to be its capital we have spent billions on embassies worldwide and every single one of them sam's jerusalem until just now was in that country's cup so the palestinians the american media but.

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