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More than forty palestinians were killed earlier today and at least one thousand injured as protests intensified along the border fence between israel and gaza israeli soldiers fired on palestinian demonstrators there who are opposed to the move of the us embassy to jerusalem to get a sense of the scene on the ground i spoke with nidal mugabe a senior reuters correspondent based in the gaza strip today the palestinians for the largest demonstrations to protest in the us moving the embassy to jerusalem from tel aviv and also as part of the marches dubbed as degrades will return to demand the right of refugee palistinian refugees and their descendants sort of ten to land inside historical palestine or inside what is israel today tens of thousands have shown up for these protests with many all let's say hundreds advancing towards the end of the frontier some heroin stones are the ruling burning tires these realists in according to your rights organizations according to local residents and organizers have used intensive gunfire against the protestors why is the israeli military responding to protesters deadly force i mean we're seeing a pretty high death toll yes the israel is like said that they will not allow any rates of the border but human rights organizations have criticized israel's excessive use of force and they have frequently the israeli army for restraint and do you expect protests to intensify heading into the rest of the week.

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