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They needed points and they got points while winning four straight on Sunday. They closed at a home at home versus the Blackhawks four to win over the boys from the second city on Saturday and when the venue switch back to shy city for game two once again, the two teams played a good one. Now back for MacKinnon MacKinnon, hold a fifteen seconds left in the five on three very winds. Fires scarves berry. For the avalanche. The fast offense defense. That right. There was Thais paired with another blast but Alexander Kirkwood with the tip. He scored a power play goal for the good guys Chicago with tied in the third and the Duncan Keith got the winner in overtime Blackhawks top the Avs to that point was big the apps are currently in the final ploughs the west the three points back at the stars who own the first wildcard, and they are tied with Arizona. The apps have the tie breakers. So right now, the are in and the dogs are out and that brings us to tonight and the Vegas Golden Knights Vegas. Played a back to back this weekend as well. They lost both games. The Avs nights are meeting for the third and final time. They have split the first two weeks that more today's game. Let's bring in the poison the prestige that is the voice of the economy gay joining it to see me are man from altitude television, the legendary legend, Peter McNab shallow, Ben. So yeah, you relax. On the TV booth is the way to be man,.

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