Missouri man David Robinson free after years in prison for murder he didn't commit


Fifty eight palestinians killed while protesting the us embassy in jerusalem four more primaries across the country today pennsylvania idaho nebraska and oregon and seattle city council passes a law that says it's the largest businesses must pay a tax to help fund the homeless tom brian missouri attorney general josh hawley is recommending the charges be dismissed against a man who has served nearly twenty years in prison for the death of a southeast missouri woman holly says david robinson of psych ston should be released from prison he's been imprisoned since two thousand one for the killing of sheila box who was shot to death after leaving sexton bar the missouri supreme court ruled may first robinson's constitutional rights had been violated during the investigation into boxes death and during his trial prosecutors presented no physical evidence tying robinson to the crime in two key witnesses recanted statements that robinson was the killer another man confessed to the murder in two thousand four but the confessional was never introduced as evidence nearly ninety people have been arrested missouri's capital as part of a nonviolent protest against poverty racism and other issues several dozen demonstrators sat in downtown jefferson city street and refused to leave monday as part of poor people's campaign protests across the country jefferson city police captain robert clark says eight people were issued summonses for obstructing a lawful police order to move the remains of a us navy sailor killed during the attack on pearl harbor in hawaii have been returned to missouri to be buried with full military honors the springfield news leader reports that clifford george goodwin has been resting in a common grave the national cemetery of the pacific in hawaii for decades new dna analysis identified remains of more than one hundred thirty soldiers lost during the pearl harbor attack including goodwin he was serving aboard uss oklahoma on december seventh nineteen forty one the foundation that supports the abraham lincoln presidential library and museum is selling a little black dress once owned by marilyn monroe they're selling it in order to repay a loan used to buy artifacts relating to the sixteenth president abraham lincoln presidential library foundation putting nine items up for auction in las vegas june twenty third including photos of the nineteen fifties movie icon juliet auctions say the wool dress could sell for more than sixty thousand dollars the foundation about ten million on two thousand seven loan going up at six o'clock our team coverage continues of.

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