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To me and whether they have the best record or not in the regular season i don't know but they're the force to be reckoned with still after that like him i buying washington over the celtics i'm starting to say at the toss up by buying toronto over the celtics toss up teams like miami in milwaukee in philly now i think the celtics are better than all of them so what i was just way too low on the celtics way too low and i know it's only nine games and i know they're playing as well they may play all year in the regular season the the heater that the ron right now i still think i was too hard on him and i think you know there's a good chance not only are they a home team in the opening rounds i think they might be one of the top seeds in the eastern conference which is mindboggling considering what they change from a year ago ambled they lost on opening night and gordon hayward that's a credit to you know not just stevens an age but to how these guys were playing guys like kyw re has assimilate himself right away alford stepped up his game jaylen brown had stepped up his game jason tatum came in from day one and has played well so i i just i was way low on this team and i've already adjusting my expectations for them yeah based on a small sample size but i think it's the right thing to do now i never thought that the celtics you know big three as it was heading to this season was necessarily enough to definitively say they were going to go over cleveland in the eastern conference finals i think th thinking was always that we're going to get these three ulster our players in place and we're going to see if these young guys can grow around them now honestly now we're looking at.

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