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Our auto expert on KOMO news. Here's more with Nick miles. All the previous shows that I wanna make split dot com. They can go. Listen to all of the shows that we have done in the past. You can also read the latest automotive news. Plus, we'll see the latest videos and this week we actually launched our tech website for Cortec called test and tests miles now also has a video player of all the ladies Caltech on it. So you can watch those videos, including the seven matrix headlight, which we gotta test in Napa Valley, which is one of the pieces of tech you're talking about. And of course, our auto expert is also across social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and that's also the best way to send us messages. You can send us messages there and the whole thi will on your questions. One lady his here to answer all of our tech questions. Miriam joie she's in the studio with us. We're talking about car tech. And the way is advanced one area of Kartik. That's really making me happy is that for elderly people. My dad is it is late. Seventies scares the living. He be gbs outta me. When he drives bet and the cause in the tech is actually saving him when he drives because wondering how the lane is something he he was a shop is totally shed at one point. He was the best driver. He was amazing individual. But as you said serve what's going on the road. You'll sense the will diminishes a little bit your skills on a shop. So one way in which we could feel safer about putting parents in vehicles is by the advanced tag. Although there's a caveat that goes with that it has to do everything for you. You can't have tech that you have to interact because he still has trouble signing off the web. If I give him a car that takes too much input with it's got to be something like a Subaru forester where the cars get the talent if something's not right rather than him having to push a series of buttons to find it out. So that's one of the new things. All right. Joining us on the phone is Joel Hoffman. He is from Cadillac and one of the big piece. News that we had at the Detroit auto show that just previously went by was the announcement of the new Cadillac XT six. There was an XT five four. And now the six the big boy, so Joel is the set of Cadillacs complete. I think at this point in the near future. Our our fleet of crossovers is fairly complete. There's always the potential for new products in the future. But with the x t four joining the fold this past fall the x t five volume leader, no XT6.. I think our view we've fairly well covered. The different customers that we're looking to please with our product line. So tell us about the six because this is the big boy in the family, right? This is the the big family. Yeah. It is obviously the five is our to roll by a passenger version. And now the XT6. comes in because we had a bit of an opening in our showroom the space between the x t five, and of course, the escalating alert or a differently constructed vehicle left some real for the XT6. the XT6. brings in a three little vehicle the sitting for either six or seven passengers and what we really went. After was a third row that was really comfortable and spacious needs to be usable some of the offerings in this space in the market have third rose that they just aren't as. Start. Really that usable an adult perspective that's on the part of the market that we wanted to fulfill and only provide that catalog experience with headroom and spacious third-row that would really useful both older couples going out for dinner together three couples or. Got room for a long weekend with lots of cargo. But whatever you may be in. A course something we want to do with this new product, you answer your laughter actor families who. A number of kids or kids with friends that they're picking up and taking them and their stuff with to what families do one of the big bombshells that got dropped just before the Detroit show was that Cadillac looking to going electric, but this vehicle as it stands. Is it going to be gasoline? Is it going to be hybrid the XT6.? Do we know how it's going to be powered? Yeah. As it stands it's powered in the US with a three point six liter v six it's three hundred ten horsepower. And two hundred seventy two hundred seventy one put cork that is our standard powertrain. There are some things going on with Cadillac. Doc, going electric in the future in and those things about other products. We aren't really free to talk about all of those are standard offering here is three ten or car with you think really does meet the need for looking for. Joel thanksgiving part of you talk to us. You're listening to our auto expect the new XT6. arriving in.

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