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It's a tough category. Not just because of his apps, but I think I would go with Benjamin Walker. He I think he's really an underrated actor and he brings a pay off to that character that I wasn't always aware of imposs- productions of all my sons. And again, it's a very good on samba Jack O'Brien is very good with a large ensemble. And I think he keeps them unified, Tracy Letts does great work and it bending, superb work. But. Jim Walker manages to stand out in that crowd, that to me is worth something I'd have no problem at all if that happened. But my kind of gut feeling is that the one actor from the on some of the boys in the band, who is nominated is Robin days, and I feel like this may be the people may sees that as a place to do it. I don't feel so he's, he's a much love Broadway performance Macaj fall and in the heights. And, you know, he's again, a real trooper I think you did terrific work in the boys in the band, and it would be a very dignified win. There's also a lot of support for birdie carbon who won the city was great one, the parallel awarded the alleviates in London for the same role, but that one it bothers me because I feel like the same way that it's hard to swallow the idea that is nominated, but Tracy Letts as an Laurie Metcalf is nominated, but John Lithgow is not here that birdie Carville, could win and Jonny Lee Miller, isn't even nominated seems a little unfair. But I guess that's the name of the game. And yet, could certainly be it's actually this category probably more than any other is. A place where we might see a disagree surprise. I mean getting lick was great and significant other. I don't feel had that much to do instill among see I really liked him into kill Mockingbird. I love the way he was giving a subtle kind of wink of the linked to Truman Capote, the sense that this is a young boy, who was going to grow into a gay man. I think all of that is very understated and just woven into the performance in quite subtle ways. I also think Brennan around, which is terrific. I don't ever think I've seen him giving on interesting performance. I think he's great in burn this for me burn this. The weakness is I don't think the play holds up particularly well well the guns to my head for the Welwyn. I'm going to go with Robin days, but agree with you. All right. Featured actress in a play fiancial Flanagan for the Ferryman Celia Keenan Bolger for kill Magdeburg Kristine. Nielsen and Julie white, both for Gary a sequel, Titus andronicus and Ruth Wilson for king. Lear the one actress nominated there, there is not a nomination this year, sort of somewhat surprisingly for Glenda, Jackson who won. Year. I think that this seems to really be most people would agree for the shit, and the well Celia Keenan Bolger. Absolutely. She again, someone with a great history Broadway in the last ten fifteen years, she has done, very consistent work over number of productions both plays and musicals starting with the lovely twenty fifth annual Putnam county spelling bee and I think what she does playing scout Finch is really interesting. It's hard for Natalie play a kid, s she's doing one for two forty three years old. She's playing eight year old perfectly never you never question now veracity, the performance and I love flanigan's performance in the Ferryman as well. She may get some traction, the other, you know, I think very worthy nominations, but I do think it Celia Keenan bowl. Yes. Best performance by a featured actor in a musical. Andrea shields eighties town. Andy crowd Aleutian for Tutsi. Good job..

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