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Also thirty eight there's not a three point one K. B. K. fifty eight thirty AM in on your free I heart out for your device I never got to say it yes they would I want to point out the yesterday we always do the rock it'll birthdays yesterday was Steve house birthday and see how I love that guy Steve how other great guitar player for yes he was also in Asia but I'm a big fan of yes not quite as much of Asia yes and I want to play that yes I guess and we never really got a chance to get to do that but this great song round about you of Rick Wakeman playing the keyboards in there Johnny Anderson wrote this along with you now okay so you have one the state forty seven I guess that yesterday this is daisy eight but this song this song right here it is really because from the album Mr for studio album fragile if any yes fans out there but the song was released as an edited single in the U. S. in January of seventy two then do a lot of editing with that anytime you're releasing yes as a single you're gonna do a lot of editing right is everything they do is they get along it's like Russia were you know Pink Floyd moody blues anyhow this is the song was released as they headed single in the U. S. January seventy two with long distance runaround another track from Fred Gile is the B. side I got to thinking about that we always talk about B. sides in a more sort of a records of things when you bought that one even though it was an edited version you really wanted the whole thing you want the album version to put to flip that thing over and have long distance run around on the other side that was a good one two punch and just because it was Steve house birthday I want to play a little piece of this from long distance runaround I just I'll be queued up to this point because I love the guys guitar playing so much in this is just so so cool air just a musical interlude please C. plastic great guitar Steve now happy belated birthday Walmart Kroger hi V. giants going with one way aisles now to combat the coronavirus how about that one way aisles in this I understand it's that's also going to be coming to nugget markets I think as of tomorrow here in northern California maybe have that wrong is tomorrow Kendall I will be sure to do your research for you on that one I think is tomorrow I thought you were gonna tell you what to say so I thought you were saying that I was just saying that news was on the phone for you yeah well okay Walmart the Kroger company hi vis giant food they're instituting one way aisles and limits on customer account in stores grocery retailers nationwide now augment the initiative to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus it one way aisles yeah honestly does anyone else do this not everyone's trying to stay within the grocery store I understand that but we do need to go yeah you need to fill up the supplies be very careful if you get if you have to go you go prepared right but be honest here if you're going down an island there someone ahead of you in the aisle even if there's like it's like fifteen twenty feet or if you're going by someone in the aisle like you're going this way they're going right by you the hold your breath I feel so bizarre doing that but I want to be honest with you I do nudes Nevada city what's new hello yeah man I just got a stake you do such a great job with this show and you don't know how much most of us look forward to seven o'clock every night but it's not walls comes on it might be nice if you knew thank you you bet and I and I also wanted to welcome your friend mark to our community up here in grass valley Nevada city yes more more yes mark who is my very good friend who just moved up there went from Auburn to grass do you know mark but you were talking about the strawberry music festival last night I was like Hey man I wonder if that's where he discovered grass valley when you check in well yeah you know mark and I we are but we have been friends for a long time nude very good friends we both really enjoy bluegrass we enjoy alt country americana whatever you wanna call it and in in the strawberry music festival we are you know I'm going to that for years my friends mark in my friend Jeff and we all go to this thing we all have such a wonderful time and now if you go there of course it is it the univac county fairgrounds in grass valley we all love grass valley we're all very fond of grass valley in the lead up to the bluegrass festival come father's day both of them have been canceled it's it's breaking my heart I have to tell you know but we have been going up there is buddies for a long time to grass valley we just we're just very fond of that area all right anyway so I wanted to say you were talking about the dark side of the moon album I don't know last week or maybe the week before and I I haven't got back to you but did you mention the connection between that album and the wizard of oz no but I did not but some of the other people have but maybe getting into those people don't know what you're talking about so I was gonna say yes since everybody's trooped out bored at home a really cool thing to do is turn on the wizard of oz turn up the volume on the dark side of the moon album and it is the absolute soundtrack to that album it's like he was watching the movie when he wrote that soundtrack it's unbelievable it really is very strange I do it and if there's something yeah I think there's something to do when I think is what I I checked it out one time and I think it was if you started when the lion roars like to visit the MGM or whatever the line at the beginning of the movie yeah right yeah I think that's you start there and I remember being very skeptical about that I have to say nude I'm thinking now come on please you know all do it why not right yeah and I did it I was kind of amazed that it matched up it is amazing check that out you got bad news listen thank you news I appreciate you listening buddy very very kind of you all right hang in there let down the final stretch coming up it is the Bible should Vetr Sacramento news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. on fifteen thirty A. M..

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