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You guys The king sent shaft the son of as Alia son of Meshulam the secretary to the House of the Lord saying go up to Hill Kia the high priest. They account the money that has been brought to the House of Lords keepers the threshold at collected from the people and let him given to the hand of the workmen. Who have the so basically like there's money go gave to the guys and they're going to There at the House of the Lord. They're gonNA repair that house. That is to the carpenters. The builders the masons and let them use it for buying Timber Kordestan Stone to repair their house. But no accounting. She'll be asked for them from them for the money. That has learned their hand for the deal. Honestly what so? What is this about? What are they talking about giving the money? What IS THE MONEY. And what are they going to do with them? Well the temple is in disarray. Right because there's lots of pagan things going on. We'll see later that pagan things going on everywhere. Not just in places he killed as like a preteen and you know that he took down a preteen or as a teenager but in the temple there is prostitution. There are idols in there. So the how I just find that places where there is prostitution and child sacrifice. I just don't think they keep an eye on the drywall real now. I just don't think they pay attention to like worry soft. That's what these guys are doing is kind of fixing up and you're seeing the extension of the legacy of Manasseh right you've just like how How much into disrepair things have gone? That's right so in that money. They're taking the tax money that's been collected and just I was like let's let's renovate. Let's try something here. He's not really been prompted acceptance heart to like. I think something should be done here. Unique idea like people pay taxes and then you use it to make things in the community better. What a concept very Nov. Here's my favorite thing. So you mentioned Kaya which he just gets this brief mention in the story. Obviously but he's the high priest right. I did not know I didn't. I literally did not know until preppy. And I've read the Bible you guys but I did not connect the dots that he'll Kaya is the dad of Jeremiah. The Prophet I also did not realize that and told. Yeah it's pretty good and it's just the drive-by just drive by in Jeremiah. Is actually a profit during just is rain?.

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