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This concludes the whistleblower blower are ten season of the ground truth podcast. We started our reporting on the ground in afghanistan. Five years ago. Now we're going to step back and evaluate this podcast and think about our best way forward. How do we keep going and finding new ways to be there on the ground telling audio stories that matter in undercover corners of the world. We'd like to hear your thoughts about the podcast. Give us a ring at two one. Three seven seven zero eight six nine three. And leave us a voicemail. We're gonna listen to everything you send us and we might use some of these ideas on this podcast. Let us know what worked. What didn't what stories would you like to see us pursue. How can we bring ground truth. Growing core of amazing emerging journalists in our programs report for america and now report for the world more directly into the storytelling process. Let us know what you think we'd love to hear from the credits in this final episode or long but we wanna say special thanks to all of the students in the history department seminar umass amherst. Who's worked throughout the year contributed to the podcast and was featured in the extra episode. They are andrew. Bettencourt is eastman martha dolla. Peter jones helen curie bushman freddie or planning eric. Ross gray simmons taliadoros. Tnn darling loom lay their own reporting on what they discovered over. The last year can be found on the ellsberg papers website. Umass dot edu backslash ellsberg. Thank you to the academic advisor on this project. Professor christian oppy in the history department jeremy smith ellsberg archivist at the special collections and university archives. And thanks to professor kathy ford in the journalism program mitch. Hanley was the senior producer of the podcast and the producer of this episode of the ground. Truth podcast is isaiah. Murtaugh marketing promotion by maggie taylor and ground troops joschka. This podcast would not have been possible without our editorial team. Headed by. Kevin grant and wilson. They wanna special thanks to. Gbh's david goodman. Bill piatra. Telly and gary mine. The university of massachusetts at amherst made the historic acquisition of daniel ellsberg's papers twenty nineteen. That archive is now curated at the w. e. b. boys library this season of the ground. Truth podcast was made possible through the generous support of the u. mass chancellor's office. This has been a yearlong public history project. In collaboration with the university of massachusetts at amherst and gbh with ground truth project is based. You can find all of this work on our website. You mass dot edu backslash ellsberg. This series is dedicated. In memoriam to rob cox former head of special collections and university archives at umass amherst rob was instrumental in shepherding the ellsberg papers acquisition. I'm charlie senate founder of the ground truth project..

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