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Hello welcome to Iroquois history and legends. . Today we're GONNA be talking about the history of Lacrosse and current status of the Iroquois national team. . Today. . We don't have just one guest we have multiple group. . I'm just going to let them introduce themselves one by one if you gentlemen could just give me a brief background on who you are just a little synopsis on how you're associated with the Iroquois national team. . <hes> REX LINES MONOLOGUE NATION I've been a Lacrosse player has this as long as I can remember as I could walk at sticking my hand going up on Doug a nation it's been. . A big part of my my life, , my lifestyle the and I was on the First Leroy national team in eighty three and. . Been in three tournaments and. . The program at percents. . I'm Leon Nolan multiple on Gatien. . My mother's Aquasonichowie Mohawks enroll visit. . Mohawk will clan. Lamb. . . I've been involved with your co-nationals across in about early two thousands and then <hes> k back. . But you're a half ago and serve as the executive, , director and board member. . and. . Tissue late at SMU and while the across like wreck, , all my life and <hes>. . Real honor to be a part of the organization again to help with the many challenges facing us. . So, , we're very pleased to have this opportunity to give him a good historical perspective in a future perspective on warmer. . Had IT. . For us. . And David Brian from the Seneca nation and the wolf clan I grew up playing cross <hes> started off with a new toll across went off to college played at Cornell University on a couple of national championship teams. . I was also on the <hes> I <hes>. . Iroquois national team. . And I've been a lifelong participant with your coin nationals as either as a player. . Executive, , director or board member and I'm still in <hes> like brexit it's kind of A. . Lifelong journey to <hes> have our people be represented in Lacrosse whether it's at the college level professional level or international level. . I'm Randy Scott some from six nations on -Tario A maternal clan. . Mohawk <hes> like these guys are saying, , I've started across when. . You know I gotta stick when I was born. . I've been playing ever since it's a big part of my life I played professional across for. . The Georgia. . Swarm. . <hes> the Boston cannons and at the world stage with Uruguay nationals I've been playing with Uruguay national since. . Two Thousand Eight Also. Went . to Syracuse University <hes> got my degree there and. . You know. . Like these guys are saying, , Lacrosse, , has been a big part of my life in it's <hes>. . It's awesome. . Thank you very much gentlemen. . That's a lot of talent and a lot of experience for me growing up in Western. . New York every. . Year, , has a Lacrosse program. . Every College in university has lacrosse program, , but there might be some people in the country that really might not know what it is or what the history of it is. . So which one of you mind giving me a a synopsis of Old, , this game is where it came from what the basic just of the rules are by I'll take that question. . Well, , it's part of our creation story so. . <hes> know your guess is good as ours. . You know it came from the spire creation story came from the Sky World. . So in in our cosmology re talk about. . Across in all being played in creators land. . And before it came down to Turtle Island here. . So it's as old as we are as Randy said, you , know your mail you're one of three things you're born. . You're you're a a speaker which measure speaker of ceremonies language or a singer, , the singer of the ceremony or your across Blair. . That's how significant across is to our culture. . And you always have the exception to the rule where somebody's all And we have real lot of examples of that but let's how important it is to are. . inherently. . It's part of four yards culture. . It's site in part of that responsibility to share the scheme. . With others which we've been very successful at. . Now, , I believe sixty six countries have. . Lacrosse organizations within her order states. . Within our borders and it's been really I. . Think we've done a great job of showing the green game with the many many around the world and or looking forward to continuing that and. . One of the. . Mainstays who are Bruh given this responsibility directly by the. . Sedition confederacy in one, , thousand, nine, , , hundred, , three. . And we were given that responsibility to golden compete internationally represent the initially in that regard play fair play hard and spread this game around the world. .

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