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Sunday It's 45 degrees in Denver. The latest pick up in the distribution of covert vaccines means Colorado won't get thousands of doses from the federal stockpile. Today. I come before you extremely disappointed. That we were lied to. With plans of the administration to release reserve doses that were to be the second doses of the vaccine. Governor Pola says. It turns out the promised doses do not exist. If they did, Colorado would have received a one time shipment of 200 to 250,000 doses are state will get vaccine shipments but about 78,000 doses per week. Those doses will be earmarked for the 525,000 Coloradans who are age 70 and older. Does your business qualify for the next round of P P. P. Governor Boulis says there are some new rules. You were 25% down for one quarter in the last calendar year. You qualify to get 2.5 months. Of payroll in P P. P. Hardest hit restaurants and food businesses can get up to 3.5 months of payroll from the program. The corona virus pandemic is now reported to have taken the lives of two million people worldwide. Johns Hopkins researchers confirming the milestone today. Covert 19 is the ninth most fatal pandemic. And recorded history. The State Patrol says. One person was killed. 15 people hurt in a big pile up on I 70 and eastern Colorado at mid morning blowing dust caused. I 70 to be closed for much of the mid day it has reopened on the eastern Plains. Today, the Trump Administration approved Colorado's disaster declaration for our fall wildfires. It frees up some federal funding to help repair damage on Wall Street. The Dow was down 1 77 NASDAQ Lost 1 14 s and P 500 down 27 in sports ABS and blues tonight in Denver. Our next news update of 4 30. I'm Cathy Walker on K Away News Radio A 50 A M and 94 1 FM. What separates Joe Joe for my friends at the vet River Sports Book in If you haven't downloaded the River sports book after IOS, we'll do it now, because it is here, you place all of your bets and live stream sports from around the world, all from one click on your iPhone. Just go to the Iowa SAP store right there on you in the old Apple Store and search for BET River Sports.

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