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In with with NASCAR insure trick racing. We need to see more of it. And you know while Schrader doesn't do as much on the NASCAR side he's still a great ambassador, I think for for short track racing. And his, you know, just people knowing him could get them to come to a short trek that might normally not go there. But then you've got guys, of course like all the guys around with the outlaws. Casey kane. And Tony Stewart Kyle Larson Ricky Stenhouse, those names going over to world of outlaws. You've got Ryan priests, who course still gonna come back and run with the modified to few more times this year. Now that he's in the Cup series even Daniel hammer Easter on modified, Mike. Joy mentioned he won that legends that big million dollar legends race at Charlotte. That's kind of what his name on the map coming up through the ranks was he won the legends. Millions of Charlotte and there's not enough stories. A guys coming out of short-track racing into the Cup series as much anymore as there was, maybe thirty years ago. We're kind of everybody. You know, you were coming out of the real, Mark Martin rusty Wallace coming out of ASA. You were Greg sacks coming out of the modified, you know, there's, there's not enough of those stories. I mean yeah they still run legends cars and late models. But they don't really put as much time in the short trek level, because now there's such that urgency where they're getting the kids into the late models at fourteen fifteen years old. They're in they're running Arca when they're sixteen seventeen in the Cup series by their twenty th unfortunately that window has become so short for driver development. We don't get to build the short-track racing legends that get to go into the Cup series like dealer and did. I mean Dale followed in his dad's footsteps and wrote in the short treks down there in North Carolina, and the late model sportsman and everything before moving up to the Cup series. He was a he was a rookie in the Cup series in his early thirties, I believe just going off top my head, you know, by time you that age now in the Cup series almost past your prime. So it's, it's weird how it is the, the window shortened. But that's sports in general. To. I mean look, just the guys that come out of college early to go play in the NBA, or they wanna come out early if they could go play in the NFL that, that window has shortened up, where the, the younger guys get into the pro levels and all sports has certainly shortened, but I think it fortunately has hurt the short-track world when it comes to motor sports because these guys can't build their legends their legend in the short trek reasonable before going to the Cup series, latest kind of dabble a little bit in, in one kind of racing legend cars relate models something. And then there quickly off running Arca in trying to get truck rides and xfinity rides. And especially if they have a lot of money behind them, they go right into those upper level. So but again, go see Kenny Schrader tonight at Humber stone or tomorrow at Maryville and really cool to talk to him. Glad we got him. That's why I didn't want to jinx it because I always get these cool guests in for whatever issue the connections not there, or he's gets busy and doesn't answer the phone, which is understandable. And but he was there. So coolest octa Kenny Schrader. We'll see him tonight at Humber stone speaking, a local racing some tracks. Get their shows in this weekend. We'll hit the local racing round up. We get back to wrap up this edition of fast track on WGN. Some.

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