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Should have done that on the last drive last night. If you're just waking up bears over the bucks 2019 With Tom Brady ready for 1/4 and short, he actually thought, apparently it was third down, had an extra down to play with lost track of what was going on on the field. You just heard earlier there, Bruce Arians just seconds ago defending him. How do you defend the indefensible kind of got to know what the down and distance is right? Even if you're the goat and have been so for 20 years, it's time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk Wireless. We're asking the Keyshawn Jalen Zubin Nation on the other side, even though all the attention today all day long is going to be on Tom Brady. Excuse me. If the Bears are legit playoff team, we want to go the other way. 71% of you said, despite the fact that their foreign one He came back in Detroit. With true Boesky throwing 3/4 quarter touchdown passes in week two. They came from 16 down on the road to win. They've got the three in one and eventually foreign 1 71% saying Nope. Burner. Social. This Kevin Durant burned way thought we were going to get another show James, making all the progress until now with a singer. He hit us up on the Dr Pepper Twitter feed and said the Bucks handed them that game so much. Looky winds can't get them there all year. So that is that, Mac? He's looking okay now, huh? No doubt for one is for one. No matter what that happens, though, teams that are at the bottom rise to the top every single year, and there's a fluky game here and there's a date. Not gonna beat them there that it happens. You look everybody keys everywhere. Every love to say everybody say every year J. There's a team. That we sit around and we say not. It's not really we did with San Francisco every week. Well, now's not really, just a year ago. Just a year ago, Jimmy Garoppolo all Yeah, Well, no, not they didn't play anybody. Look who they beat. You look up. Like damn bacon, regular to Super Bowl, serviceable quarterback running game and defense. You have that You have a conversation about what J just said, serviceable quarterback. He can't beat you with his arm. He makes it throw it to old. They're running the border gassing people. They're playing defense and then you look up. You watching them in the Super Bowl, And this is the recipe for Chicago Bear football. If you go back and you look at the history of the Chicago Bears a ce far as you can go back as far as you can remember. They've never been a passing team. They've always played defense. They get after guys and they run the football. Even with Mike Ditka go all the way back because that's about as far as I could go back. I can't go back to proper Alice and others. I can go back right here. Nessie run a football play defense. Lovey Smith run the defense run, run a football play defense. Rex Grossman went to the Super Bowl. Seriously, so this is who they are. And they may have got it right. They probably you know, they probably got right Nick balls may have a long term home. That's the other side of these 31 years old. I know he has a history of being injury prone, but if they were going to play the Panthers, that's the next game. The Rams. Okay, Tough Saints Titans. Who knows what Where's the Ram game at the inn. You know, like just because if it was in Chicago, and I will be leaning towards Chicago in a game, just because the last time that I remember Jerry golf going to Chicago, he struggled in Chicago. Something called It was the weather that whether you play the Chicago weather right now is probably getting ready to turn really quick. Keyshawn Jail. Zubin Progressive against it on the shelf Enzo performance, including Bart Scott will get his thoughts on the Brady I guess. Brain lock coming up, he'll be with his had 7 15. Straight talk Wireless. No contract. Constable converses. Get out of senior moment. I have senior moments all the time. No, he was asking them if he could go and get some water four blocks away away for blocks or or feel college is the start of the fourth quarter way. We want to hear your opinion. So we heard from that burner Social Kevin Durant. We heard from Hee We heard helped you way want to here from here on the Dr Pepper. Call online Hit us up. You got the old school? It has set us up on the phone a date, Say ESPN. If you want to go new school, hit us up on the Dr Pepper Twitter feed at Ki Jae in's E and get on the air. Get your thoughts her just like burner social did the third reference of the burners social here getting you owe me something burner social going to mention this. Look, No. Jay was looking at me as I was looking puzzled. But I'm gonna have to ask you that off has nothing to do with this. Okay, guys, Some people would know the show off the air, sometimes much better than the show. Honey, they're both so is very entertaining could be another opportunity for a very, very expensive to get off. Yes, because the guy would have to be given his finger on the button entire show. I'm not entertaining. That would be seven teams make the playoffs this year because we're going 70 87 in the NFC For the first time in 30 years, the playoff format is changing. It had been six in each conference since 1990. So it's very interesting that if you need to make the seven line and the guys earlier said the Bears are right on the periphery of the six or seven spot despite their foreign one start the football Power Index here at ESPN, which we raid everything, statistically percentagewise get this guy's The football power Index has the bears with the eighth best chance to make the playoffs just behind the cut line. They would need to be here. The teams in order J. We were running through them right earlier this morning if you were with this JSkyB to say, all right, who the teams that are better. In order, according to the Football Power Index. Packers number one Seattle number two Rams number three Bucks number four Saints number five Dallas number six with that someone's got to win that division right? San Francisco at seven and the Bears coming in just 2% points behind San Francisco about a 59% chance to make the playoffs. The Bears at 57. So ESPN right now is on the outside Looking in, I would say, I know what bears fans they're going to say This is like the typical responsible We just beat the Buccaneers. How could they be better at full strength at full of strange, so just as a caveat to recognize it? I don't know about this. I don't know about San Francisco, but I just don't know about them because they mean a record speaks for itself, right? But.

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