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He doesn't think she's talking about him. Yeah. Joe shoes talking about you. And if you think you're going to escape so easily. I mean he sounds old there. He really does. And it's a problem for him because the new vibrant wave of youthful Democrats got all the passion and all the all the moves their hip, and they convey, they're, they're really not going to accept the John Lithgow figure that is Joe Biden, when it comes to their, their full push for socialism. Hey, in a second, we're gonna get more from the twenty twenty race in the dilemma of Joe Biden. Joe Biden, again he is trying to escape ramifications of the fact that he is moderate enough to win a general election. But to moderate for the excited wing of his base, and that does make a difference. Right. If your base is not super excited about you, if they're mostly motivated by how much they don't like the other guy. They better, hate that guy with a rampant passion, and they must they better feel like it's emergency like if the economy is good. If things are generally okay in their lives, and they just don't really like very much. I'm not sure that, that is enough to get them over the hump that means that you have to have one of things either broad public. He'll or a very, very excited base. Right. Donald Trump, barely got over the hump against a candidate, the Republicans loathed Hillary Clinton because there is a segment of the base that was super excited about Donald Trump. I'm not sure who in the democratic base is super excited about Joe Biden. They hope that he has brought appeal. The problem is that he may have to choose between the broad appeal and the very excited base. You know, the people who are going to knock on doors, the people who are going to spend their days, phone banking are those people going to do that, for Joe Biden? It's a serious question. An AO. See Bernie Sanders. They're ripping on Joe Biden about this. Here's Bernie Sanders sub tweeting, Joe Biden on climate change dealing with future of the planet, and making sure that our kids, our grandchildren. Have a healthy inhabitable world in which to live? I don't know how you go to fall. I mean, this is an existential threat, not just to the United States, but to the entire planet, we haven't moral obligation to comeback climate change to bring the entire world to get. This is not an American issue. This is global issue to bring the world together transformer energy system away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency, and sustainable energies, and we don't have choice, we don't have a choice. We have to not electro Biden. It's the only way. So this is Bernie Sanders and pitch. And also, it's Bernie Sanders is pushing Medicare for all a proposal so popular, but the democratic base that all of the fence sitters, comma, Harris have come down in favour of it at least when they're not against it. Joe Biden, however, has said that he does not support turning Medicare into a national health insurance program for everyone because quote the vast majority of people are satisfied with their own healthcare system today. He said he favors making a Medicare option available to all people in which you'd be able to keep your own insurance. If you're satisfied. So he's in favor of a quote unquote, public option. But the problem with the quote unquote public option is that if people are opting into Medicare and doctors are not taking Medicare will, then you're not going to be getting very good.

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