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Enter listen stay safe my friends the number of coronavirus cases across North Carolina a state considered stable by the CDC reach thirteen thousand three hundred ninety seven as of this morning with rally adding six hundred and thirty nine new confirmed cases there were also thirty additional deaths reported from the past twenty four hours racing that North Carolina total since late March to five hundred and seven Mecklenburg County continues to lead the state both cases and deaths with nineteen hundred and twenty two and fifty eight respectively county public health director give me Harris said that today as restrictions are restarting late Friday afternoon it's important people remember the virus is still among us and it's not a return to business as usual we still have a stay at home order in place we need you to social distance the guidelines that have been put out about the shopping that you may want to consider doing is now what you need when you go not just to shop seventy two new Mecklenburg cases reported in the past twenty four hours the fourth largest one day increase so far which follows yesterday's single day record of ninety two and twenty four hours but health officials say the percentage of positive covert nineteen tests over the past couple of weeks has slightly decreased which is a positive thing Charlotte's primary passenger airline reporting tough times for its Douglas international operations more for W. B. T. job last week the only day I probably because they need to we don't have too many leisure travel directly vice president of American Airlines Charlotte hub operations talking to the your city council community recovery task force committee on aviation today of those few that are traveling.

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