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One's breaking traffic alerts whenever they happen number smarr tendon win wins news time to to president trump elected fiftythreeyearold dc court of appeals judge brett kavanagh's a supreme court nominee to replace retiring justice anthony kennedy correspondent jerry lander red cavanaugh has served on the dc court of appeals for a dozen years handling a wide range of cases before that he was a law clerk for retiring justice anthony kennedy he served in the bush administration and worked with kenneth starr on the impeachment investigation of president bill clinton but while kavanagh's rulings have been reliably conservative they've recently come under fire for not being conservative enough he rejected to constitutional challenges to a bama care and in a recent case where an immigrant teenager wanted to get an abortion he didn't go as far as a fellow justice who said the teen didn't have the right to get an abortion jerry bowed lender washington senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says senators had set aside partisan in the decision process and the upcoming expected confirmation battle president quotas put reproductive rights and freedoms and healthcare protections for millions of americans on the digital shopping block that's a minority leader senator chuck schumer and protesters on both sides of various issues terry moran reports battle lines are drawn and his opinions in particular perhaps on the collection of surveillance information on us citizens and others could lose them a republican voter to which he can't afford in general though this is seen as the smart play by president trump despite the fact that there's going to be a battle royale in the seventies today he is scheduled for one on.

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