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Of course not crying any tears although there are some bad parts of this in terms of american policy that could be affected by bannon being out of the white house if i hail stadia that he was crying for his drive i don't believe that he was crying for his job he just his eyes are puffing duties on actually cry that stuff so he looks but also it does seem a little bit odd aigner since you've been was very highly placed and all that he was a adviser to the president but he's being taken down for the things that he allegedly said but that book is full of every person around donald trump great calling him an idiot and a moron and not just that but you know attacking each other attacking his soninlaw attacking his daughter all of that it's odd that bannon apparently is the only one who has a political price to pay for it which implies to me that it's not primarily about the book that this is just the latest reminder of the feud between trump and bannon we'll remember and i want to quickly mentioned this because it was evident in steven miller's interview with jake tapper there was a lot of emphasis about oh trump accomplish all these things without bannon without bannon bannon's you know he wanted to take all the credit remember trump is a very egotistical person and early on in his presidency ban in would get a lot of credit for being the mastermind behind trump's policy lawyers brain exact and look what you charlotte did not like that he is not like someone else taking the credit and remember abandoned was the one that was accused of constantly leaking to the press which he very well might've done but we know that this white house has had an issue with leakers in general in including right now with bannon gone.

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