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Hour president trump meets for an hour tonight on capitol hill with house republicans the subject immigration president trump sounded optimistic about immigration reform when he walked out of his meeting with house republicans the laws had been broken for many years decades but we had a great meeting for white house says the president endorsed two gop immigration bills that tackle border wall funding the be the lottery an immigrant family separations but the pieces of legislation don't have the needed support in the senate kenneth moton abc news the capitol civil rights attorneys file a federal lawsuit accusing bristol county sheriff tom hodgson unlawfully detaining an immigrant for nearly three weeks they allege the sheriff's refusal to free moya assists ribas violated state law hodgson claims the lawsuit as completely false and unethical a boston federal court jury continues deliberations tomorrow in the murder trial of mobster cadillac frank salami and an associate they did not reach a verdict after getting the case today the two defendants denied the accusation there accused in the killing of restaurant owner stephen to sarah in nineteen ninetythree to sorrows family releasing a statement today saying however gruesome.

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