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I went to school free years a mile away from the facility I played three years across the street of softball fields. I played for years in the warehouses near the facility and my. Is that how it's going to affect me in the next time twenty years severe quality and willowbrook have turned up traces of ethylene oxide. It's been linked to cancer genetics uses it to clean equipment at the plant residences say they there say they're getting sick. Because of that a Washington DC Coast Guard Lieutenant expected in court today suspected of plotting a mass domestic terror attack. Best to Gators say Christopher hasn't had a list of high profile politicians and journalist he had targeted in an attempt to establish a white homeland. Here's ABC news. Correspondent Mona Kosar. Abdeal reporting from Washington authorities say Christopher Paul Hasson of Maryland was planning a cold blooded killing spree his arsenal including handguns and sniper rifles along with ammunition. The white nationalist allegedly writing he is quote dreaming of a way to kill almost every last person on earth. Nasa is now providing daily weather reports for Mars NASA, insight, Landers, gathering what gathering weather data from the Martian surface. And sending it back to earth on Valentine's Day. The Lander says the high temperature near the Martian equator was four degrees Fahrenheit got a big chilly overnight, a low of one hundred thirty eight degrees below zero now WGN sports. Here's Mark Harmon and good morning. The Blackhawks came out hot. They scored on four of their first eight shots including Alex debrincat is thirty third goal on the season. But it was Patrick Kane doing it late winning it for the hawks five four in overtime with two eighteen to play daybreak. It likes playing with eighty eight. Review? It's it's fun to watch him out there, and you know, he's creating a play retirement text box. So definitely. Call the ban his team and calm..

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