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Amtrak start a new adventure from the comfort of your own room with enhanced safety protocols and a variety of private rooms available. Amtrak makes your next trip comfortable and easy. Everything you're missing. Justin Amtrak away Curly 54 in Glen Burnie at 6 35 Time for Lou Dobbs Financial reports. I'm low. Dobbs, JP Morgan Chase back in the health care business workers confused by shifting policies on mass those stories next. This is good news. Maybe exactly when you need it to right now, Medicare is waving their new member fees. This could save you money on top of all that you'll save each month by becoming a member of Medicare. So many people are looking for a health care solution right now. Seeing the cost of Cobra plans, for instance, and Medicare is the affordable alternative to health insurance. Typical family saves $500 a month you might save even more medics years Christian community that shares each other's health care costs. And because of the current economic situation, they're making it easier than ever applied by May 30th. And you could save an additional $170 on your first month. I'll give you the number here in a second. If you call, you could get a price within two minutes. Just tell him the promo coach share to receive your additional savings. Maybe now is the time to make the switch for more than 400,000. People already have and start saving here It is called 877 64 Bible. That's 8776 people work. Bible 877 64 Bible banking giant JP Morgan Chase is formed a new business focused on improving care provided to 285,000 Americans through its employer sponsored health plan. The venture, called Morgan Health begins with $250 million to invest and is rolling out just a few months after a similar venture by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway company and Amazon collapsed. Mortgage interest rates rose this week with a 30 year at 3% for the first time since mid April as businesses try to grapple with the ever changing CDC policies on face mask..

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