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Marijuana's to spend millions to help stop the violence. Komo's Jennifer Sullivan says today she met with business owners who are worried about what's happening in their community. It's unfortunately, you know, something that I've gotten used to and like I said most of the time most of the time I've been doors. It was a Friday afternoon school had just let out in the central district neighborhood when Amy Bradford Kurt the gunfire. I heard rapid shots like ten or twelve shots very quickly. And I knew that they were very close redbirds neighbor Marshall Bennett was shot. He later died at Harborview eleven days have passed and Seattle police are still trying to make an arrest. In the meantime, they're extra patrols in the central district after a recent uptick in gun violence or put in addition. Officers out on the street of beyond what we normally do because we don't want tap again on Monday King county sheriff Mitzi Joe, heck, Nick said there resurrecting their regional gang unit. The move comes after a beer in office manager was killed after deputies say a hail of gang related gunfire blasted outside her office window Seattle. Police chief Carmen best reached out to Joe hick, Nick offering help in response to increased gun violence and police in the central district representatives from the black lives matter movement and local clergy members met with mayor Jenny durken. I share the concerns eat her six billion dollar two year budget announced Monday, Dirk wants to see seven million dollars spent on youth violence initiatives, she wants to get to kids most at risk before. Trouble happens with everything from art to work to all those community based programs that make a difference. Jennifer sullivan. Komo news. Authorities have identified a thirty six year old man who was shot and killed by a deputy at oak harbor Sunday night multi-agency. Response team. Spokeswoman Heather axeman says a thirty three year old island county sheriff's deputy shod Richard Joseph Jackson after he didn't follow police commands. The deputies name has not been released at Bellingham man, convicted of his nineteenth felony will get a new trial after the state supreme court found that a lower court improperly dismissed juror during his last trial. Komo's sewer narrow has more six-year-old Adrian Sassoon van L Slough was convicted in two thousand fourteen of nine felonies after leading police on a high-speed car chase in Bellingham the latest of his nineteen felony convictions. But an appeal to the state supreme court found that a juror in his two thousand fourteen trial had been improperly dismissed by a Watkin county. Superior Court Judge after the judge learned that the juror new a witness in the case who happened to be a member of the lemme nation and the juror herself was also a member prosecutors sought her dismissal because quote, if jurors believed the witness then the case goes nowhere. The juror was dismissed and that dismissal was deemed improper by the. High court and a new trial was ordered see Romero. Komo news plans to gut and replace keyarena are now law after Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan's signed the Bill and lease agreements with oak view group, CEO, Tim Leiweke. My Wiki says the seven hundred million dollar project will put a one point four billion dollars into the regional economy. So we couldn't be more proud that we found a partnership where we put the burden on the private sector. And then we have the kind of economic impact that's going to be created for the city of Seattle. The agreement signed today say work can't begin until the National Hockey League. Grant Seattle a franchise which isn't expected to happen for the NHL board of governors meeting in December plans to allow states to use federal money to buy guns and train teachers to carry them in school has our states senior US Senator taking the education secretary to task more from komo's Ryan Harris. Democrat Senator Patty Murray ranking member on the education committee says students parents teachers and even your colleagues in congress have called for more to address. On violence to keep school safer and Murray says education secretary Betsy DeVos decision to allow states to purchase guns and pay for teacher training to use them flies in the face of that outcry secretary devices claiming that congress did not give her the authority to stop this. But Republicans and Democrats in congress are telling her the opposite. She absolutely does President Donald Trump has long advocated for teachers to be armed as a way to minimize school shootings bolstered by Republican governors. John casick of Ohio and Greg Abbott of Texas who says in his state some schools put signs in front warning. Anyone of what they'll face if they try to attack those schools, Ryan Harris, KOMO news. Komo news time nine forty. It's bottom of the seventh at Safeco field. Right now, the Oakland A's eight Mariners five at the sports desk. Here's Tom Glasgow. Former Russell Wilson backup. Austin Davis has signed with the Tennessee titans. Titans. Dealing with injury issues with starter. Marcus, smart, Yoda and backup Blaine gabbert. Who is in concussion protocol? Minnesota. Vikings defensive end Everson. Griffen remains away from the team indefinitely because of mental health trouble boiled over this past week hall of fame shortstop Barry Larkin is not a candidate to become the Cincinnati Reds manager president of baseball operations. Dick Williams says Mark prefers to remain in his current role of helping develop minor leaguers interim manager Jim Riggleman a former manager with the Mariners and former Boston manager..

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