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The knowledge in the consistent training is is a real real benefit of some of these solutions you know because they deliver that firsthand right to that that person in a in a very convenient way and. I feel with the workforce Gaffe that were facing and the Silver Tsunami I. Think it's all the more critical that we find ways to get critical knowledge to communicated throughout the organization and I think some of these solutions not only can be useful in a time like this with Kovin but also to support our industry moving forward and make sure that we are capturing in transferring the most critical knowledge in a very. Desirable way it's transmitting that visually and I think next generations are coming in they prefer to consume information visually like right there in front of them as opposed to perhaps you know the traditional methods of manuals and text based. So reading yes yeah. So. You mentioned how some utilities that that had some digital water programs and so forth in place how benefitted them werther utilities that in the midst of all this were just like we need a solution quick, we need to be able to do something. Are there other examples out there where? People just try to jump on this train because of the necessity. Oh absolutely. I think the main focus and rightly. So a lot of the digital water solutions that really in my opinion show the the most growth in in this short timeframe where either geared towards that that underlying. Infrastructure to support telecommuting right whether it's networks or or devices, or there were. There were a lot a lot more renewed focus on making shore a customer information systems in the outreach that that utilities have towards their customers are really. Top notch right again during during such a challenging time transparency with the customers and making sure. That that there's open channels of communication are so critical for so many reasons it's revenue is obviously a big concern and you know from an an economy perspective though water industry is certainly going to take a hit this year right with with the with moratoriums put in place in and being sensitive to. Customers. ECONOMICAL CONDITIONS AGAINST BUT At the same time beyond just looking at the revenue, there's there's just the need to be able to proactively communicate in and get the word out. I've seen a lot of discussion about. How much are how many utilities have been reaching out in really stepping up their public awareness campaigns simply what flesh right? Because there's this massive growing trend of of hyper or or or clogs in the system because whether it was really early on during you know I guess the famous toilet paper incident early twenty twenty. Where folks reporting it in so all sorts of items were being flashed. In causing a lot of damage or or subsequently thereafter right lots of cleaning products in in a lot of plastic gloves and everything just things that obviously we all know should not be flashed, but for some reason. That that seemed to miss the mark..

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