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Well, I was talking to medicine and it sounds like on the east age, which is pretty cool because I just listen to that podcast yesterday. Good. So I feel like if done pretty good on the dreaming. I'm sorry on the discovery and research. All right. So your stage three it's time to start. Yeah. I'm pretty excited to so I finished up my teaching credential actually at USC last year. It was a master's program where you get a teaching credential with it I spent all of twenty seventeen school year looking for a teaching job. So I taught that whole year applied to thirteen different school districts did not hear a single thing back so kind of a shot to the confidence a little bit. Well, but let's let's dig let's dig into that. What giving give me some evidence that you actually use the proximity principle, which I talk about where you you were really strategic to make sure that you aren't just applying for these teaching jobs, but somebody who knew the decision maker was saying you need to know about mad. This guy is sharp. He loves teaching. He's ready to go. He's got the master's. He's qualified to teach. He's ready to go. We need to look at him as that happened. I don't think I applied that principle properly even wrote that I I've got a full page of notes here before I called. Let's okay. I don't I don't ask you that to get on you. I just wanna know did you in any of those thirteen job applications were they submitted for you by somebody? Who knows you and could validate, you know. Yeah. That's the problem. So you're just playing the lottery right now. Because I'm guessing that you getting in the California Public school system is pretty competitive, right? Yeah. Right. So here's the deal met. I'm pointing this out because I want your confidence to be back up where supposed to be because you know, that you've got what it takes. And you know that you love teaching. Yes. Yeah. Absolutely. All right, then so you've just been playing the lottery, if I told you that the last thirteen times that the Powerball or whatever it is mega millions. I think it's like combine now, but, but if I told you that I played the last thirteen today, man, man, I just bought one ticket and our about five minutes. I played all thirteen. And I didn't win. My confidence is shot. What would you say? It was pretty funny. What makes sense, right? You go. You go kin. Why is your confidence shot even play the lottery, you know, the chances like one and eight billion that you win? Wouldn't you say something to me like that?.

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