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Plus, we'll have the latest on the sale of southern B's review, the talian newspapers, and find out why the western Balkans is so fond of Turkish soap operas. That's coming up right here on the briefing on monocle twenty four. And welcome to today's briefing with me and Ramallah. It's five hundred and three days until people in the United States vote in the next presidential election to nobody's surprise last night. President Donald Trump officially declared his intention to campaign to keep his job, announcing his bid for reelection in Florida. A key battleground state and handy for at least one of his golf courses is seventy eight minute. Speech was the by now familiar combination of boasts of Bula accomplishments assertions of abuse nonsense and invocations of imaginary enemies, all of which was Gidley who today that by the kind of people who turn up at these things he is some of what the president had to say. I stand before you to officially launch my campaign for a second term as president of the United States. Very historic because exactly for years ago this week, I announced my campaign for president of the United States. And it turned out to be more than just a political campaign. It turns out to be a great political movement because of you a great move. On joined with more on this by the author and broadcaster. Michael Goldfarb Michael measured against Trump's standards of all rhetorical. We'll say or anything unusual about Las nuts speech. No, this is a DJ doing his greatest hits. And fact, most of the rallies, that we've seen over the last couple of years since he actually one I've been a replay of the campaign, greatest hits except that now he can add say, well, I did this, and I did that and because I think people who support in Christ in his his relationship to the truth, they just buy it. They just love to hear it. I mean is there no indication at all? Even among that support base that people are getting tired of his stick. Or are they as you suggest as enthusiastic as people who are still buying tickets to see? I don't know the eagles or the Rolling Stones. Hey, actually, I haven't bought a ticket to see the Rolling Stones. Through my backout sitting on a backlist bench in a big stadium in Philadelphia. I said that's it for me in the stones. Listen. I it's a hard question to answer accurately, because if you look at national polls, what for other candidates seeking reelection would be a floor is his ceiling. He's always running between forty and forty two percent approval. So pretty clearly his supporters are as I christened them in two thousand sixteen unswayable. He can do anything. He as he wants it. I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose a vote because the people committed to voting for him are still the people committed to voting for him. What's interesting and I think it will if should think about this as there's for every action, there's an equal an opposite reaction except in the case of Trump and American politics. The reaction to him on the democratic side has actually stimulated things. It's very easy to forget. With Donald Trump because he dominates the news cycle so much, you know, the reality of what happened during the mid term of both last year. And that is that a substantial number of people who might have sat on their hands came out to vote, and they voted democrat. The Democrats did extremely well. And I think that so long as Trump continues to be who he is. And there's no sign that he will ever change then he will likely motivate democ- democratic voters who you know in two thousand and sixteen warrant so energize to come out and vote for whoever the Democrats nominate what do we glean if not from last night's speech necessarily than anything else, he said, would done recently about how he intends to fight this next election campaign? Will it be enough for him to just keep cranking out the old greatest hits and hoped that by a second fluky falls? Over the line in a few case state so easy going to have to come up with something new. I think that what you'll see is very interesting. Article in today's political online politics, political news from Washington, but Jack shaver who's their media cars funded..

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