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Got it. And how does someone Start a relationship with with ami. What's what's the process to to get started it's fullest. Also you know product where you can anybody can go in dot com. Just get started. We have a free forever plan where you could do. You know events up two hundred people you get our four product absolutely free the and missiles which are not in the plan but then many communities especially student communities and Many i would say not for profit community. They've started using cleveland. Senator use it right. One hundred people is a good number and and when you do a guard in when you do a session later. Military's in his life team session on social media zana's it's it's easy to get started and then At various points in the product journey. Or you get to you know of appointment with the bronx. She has run on something if you want if you if you have a question in mind the older have a twenty four seven support lounge right so they actually a physical space that we created using our own product. They're all estimates are always welcome and they would always find at least four or five people from my team who are available to any trouble shooting to a denigration. It would just go to that input seven support lounge. The link is on and you you can see that that was an mighty misleading on those tables and join any illness stables howard jack with you to meet employees and explain to them your question or a problem they will solvent than in there a real person real person as a in store in store service kind of virtual in store service. Experience is what we have already so you mentioned early on. I think That you're doing four thousand events a month is at that. I remember that correctly. Yup yup and you start late twenty nine nine you get the the sort of the seed round of which i think was about three million dollars if i read it correctly from people who had invested with you before and your previous company. That's that happens in just when you know march or so just when the world is kind of waking up to this In nineteen awareness and then later in the year you managed to raise a much bigger A series a round A lot of money and so so. What's got people so excited about it. How did you do. I think the the ramp from like the fireside the first fireside chat to four thousand events a month a year not even a year and a half later has largely been driven by word of mouth or referrals right. I mean it's not it's it hasn't been big advertising campaign or anything so you're getting a tremendous amount of traction from you know regular people telling other regular people about it. And then you're also attracting sequoia in this square india in this case For your series. That's serious money from a serious firm so what's happening. Why is it. how's it. How's it how's i.

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